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Faculty of Arts & Sciences


Mathematics and Computer ScienceBachelor / B.S.4 Mathematics
Translation and InterpretationBachelor / B.A.4 Translation and Interpretation
Molecular Biology and GeneticsBachelor / B.S.4 Biological Sciences
PsychologyBachelor / B.S.4 Psychology
Psychology (Turkish)Bachelor / B.S.4 Psychology
Turkish Language and Literature (Turkish)Bachelor / B.A.4 Turkish Language and Literature
Turkish Language and Literature (Turkish with Thesis)Master / M.A.1 - 2 Turkish Language and Literature
Mathematics (with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Mathematics
MathematicsPhD / Ph.D.3,5 - 5 Mathematics
PhysicsPhD / Ph.D.3,5 - 5 Physics
ChemistryPhD / Ph.D.3,5 - 5 Chemistry
Applied Mathematics and Computer SciencePhD / Ph.D.3,5 - 5 Mathematics
Applied Mathematics & Computer Science (with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Mathematics
Information Systems (without Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 1.5 Mathematics
Physics (with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Physics
Chemistry (with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Chemistry
Actuarial ScienceBachelor / B.S.4 Mathematics
General Psychology (with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Psychology
Medical Biotechnology (without Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 1.5 Biological Sciences
Actuarial Science - Mathematics and Computer Science Double MajorBachelor / B.S.4 Mathematics
Mathematics and Computer Science - Actuarial Science Double MajorBachelor / B.S.4 Mathematics
Actuarial Science - Finance and Banking Double MajorBachelor / B.S.4 Mathematics
PhysicsBachelor / B.S.4 Physics
ChemistryBachelor / B.S.4 Chemistry
Urban Archaeology and Management of Cultural Heritage (Turkish without Thesis)Master / M.A.1 - 1.5 Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Urban Archaeology and Management of Cultural Heritage (Turkish with Thesis)Master / M.A.1 - 2 Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Statistics and Computer ScienceBachelor / B.S.4 Mathematics
General PsychologyPhD / Ph.D.3,5 - 5 Psychology

About Faculty

Arts and Sciences Faculty is one of the three faculties established in 1986, when the Institute of Higher Technology was transformed into a state university under the name of Eastern Mediterranean University. While the faculty offered education only in physics, chemistry, applied mathematics and computer fields during its first years, the number of students receiving instruction at six undergraduate, nine master’s and four PhD programs offered by Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Psychology, Turkish Language and Literature, Translation and Interpretation and Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences departments has reached 1747 during the 2020-2021 academic year. The faculty has produced 4609 graduates since its establishment.

With 32-years of experience in education, its academic staff, research facilities, international profile and life-long development philosophy, our faculty endeavors to take its well-deserved place amongst the best faculties in Eastern Mediterranean University as well as becoming the best Arts and Sciences Faculty within the region. The fundamental mission of Faculty of Arts and Sciences is to offer high quality education to students receiving education either within the same faculty or in other faculties, become a respected and competitive faculty in all the core disciplines of the arts and sciences, to contribute to the ongoing developments in all related disciplines and reflect these changes in the curricula in order to graduate first-rate students in the international arena. In line with Eastern Mediterranean University’s “Virtue, Knowledge, Advancement” philosophy, the faculty aims to increase both the international student population in undergraduate and postgraduate programs and collaborations between the faculty and other international universities, institutes and research centers. Our graduates successfully pursue academic studies and employment opportunities in the USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Upon their admission to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, students are offered modern undergraduate programs which are compatible with the requirements of the current age. Mathematics and Computer Science and Molecular Biology and Genetics programs are delivered in English whereas the medium of instruction in Turkish Language and Literature Program is Turkish. The faculty also offers two identical Psychology undergraduate programs delivered in English and Turkish. Translation and Interpretation undergraduate program not only gives the students the opportunity of developing themselves in Turkish, English and French but also equips them with necessary skills for translation theory and techniques as well as simultaneous conference translation. All undergraduate curricula is prepared and reviewed in line with the principles and values specified as part of the Bologna Process determined by the Leuven Declaration in 2009. On completing their undergraduate studies, our students find themselves ready and competent to find jobs in the most sought-after professions according to their knowledge and skills, and can study further to become faculty members in their related fields at universities after completing their graduate studies in the fields they have chosen, or they can be employed as teachers upon completing their pedagogical formation program.

The multi-dimensional research activities help the Faculty hold a significant place in terms of the number of publications produced, and it also continues to contribute to the universal knowledge of science and arts with its continually upgraded infrastructure. General Chemistry, Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetics, General Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, 2 Psychobiology, 4 Computer, Translation, Physicochemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Organic Chemistry and Photovoltaic and Thin Film Technology laboratories provide a comfortable environment for researchers to carry out their studies and projects. Along with postgraduate research, the laboratories support students in improving their experimental and research skills. Faculty academic members, especially academics in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry departments, receive important project support from prominent scientific organizations such as TÜBİTAK and have important contributions to research through articles published in international journals covered by SCI, SSCI and AHCI. In line with the demands of the current era, the faculty puts special focus on interdisciplinary research in the areas of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

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Vice Dean(s):
Assist. Prof. Dr. MEHMET BOZER

Our Faculty in Figures

Opening Year 1988
Number of Departments 7
Number of Students 1747
Number of Graduates
- Undergraduate 3860
- Master's 729
- Phd 109
Number of Academic Staff
- Full-time 59
- Part-time 37
Number of Programs
- Undergraduate 12
- Master's 9
- PhD 4


ASIIN: Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Accredited Programs: Molecular Biology and Genetics (B.S.) Medical Biotechnology (without Thesis) (M.S.)

TPD: Türk Pisikologlar Derneği
Accredited Programs: Psychology (B.S.)


AMS: American Mathematical Society
Mathematics Department is a member of AMS.


Faculty of Arts & Sciences,
Aristóteles Street
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey

Tel: +90 392 630 1251
Fax: +90 392 365 1604
WhatsApp: +90 533 820 6332

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