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Student Services Office

Student Services Office aims to solve the problems students may encounter during the academic year with the help of its highly skilled staff. In this regard, the office offers the following services:

  • Immigration Procedures,
  • Accommodation,
  • Military Probation,
  • Health Insurance,
  • Information Services
  • Call Center

Student Services Office has expanded the operations of the Student Information Center so that all students can benefit from more frequently. As a modern information center, the Student Information Center not only helps students receive all kinds of university-related information in an efficient manner but also aims to raise students’ participation in social and cultural activities. Students can receive information about events taking place within the university as well as the social and cultural activities organised by Famagusta Municipality from the Student Information Center. Students can visit the Student Information Center or call the Call Center to obtain more detailed information regarding these events.

The Call Center (0392 – 630 11 11) provides information services both for the students and their parents, thanks to the accurate and timely information provided by the center.

Having established a place in the University for the immigration procedures, we, as the Student Services Office, complete students’ immigration procedures in a short period of time. In this way, the students do not spend unnecessary time or money on the relevant procedures.

With the health insurance system, students’ health-related problems have been secured by the health insurance. Our office successfully produces prompt solutions for any health- related problem that our students may encounter.

Our students were introduced with the new identity cards during the last academic year. With their new format containing health insurance possession chip, the new student ID cards have been admired by our students. Having chips on the student ID cards also enables students to check their class attendance and load money if they wish to use it on the campus.

Operating under the Student Services Office, the “Accommodation Services” division provides solutions to the housing problems students may encounter.

Diploma approval procedures are also handled by our unit following the graduation ceremony.

Working Hours: 08:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.


Student Services Office,

Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey