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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre

Established by Eastern Mediterranean University Business and Economics Faculty, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, in collaboration with the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry, has the fundamental aim of encouraging the industry, those involved in the industry, and the community towards entrepreneurship and productivity. In line with its aim, the center endeavors to contribute to the country’s economy.

EMU Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center has been offering services in Business and Economics Faculty since 7 February 2012. By catering for the needs of the business world, the center, which has made a difference with its academic standing, endeavors to fill an important gap in the relevant field.

As a pioneering organization in the TRNC in this respect, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center has the goal of teaching individuals how to become more innovative, productive and creative. Assisting those involved in industry on how to prepare work plans and the provision of advisory services to small scale businesses on how to effectively benefit from the financial support and credit possibilities of the EU and the Republic of Turkey are amongst the center’s targets. Additionally, the center aims to create an economy based on production and productivity. Since its establishment, the center has actively prepared numerous work plans, carried out and finalized important projects. One of the most important missions of the center is the formation of a bridge between the business world and the university. In this respect, the center has initiated numerous connections to transfer the academic know-how to the state and private sectors.

The center, which has recently been approved as the member of the European Council of Small Businesses, is currently chaired by EMU Business Department chair Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tümer. In line with the academic collaboration settled between the center and Naples University, EMU Business Faculty postgraduate students have the opportunity of receiving education in Italy for two weeks within the framework of the summer school on “Innovation Management”. During the summer school taking place in Italy, along with academic education, participants have a chance to visit two businesses and newly established tourism, recreation and innovation center in Italy. Additionally, the center established a collaboration protocol with the California State University during the 2012-2013 Academic Year Spring Semester.

Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry and Eastern Mediterranean University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center organized a training program entitled “Applied Entrepreneurship” for high school students. The training was sponsored by Limassol Cooperative Bank and Kayseri Municipality. The center also provided training for those wishing to establish their own business, with a special focus on family businesses. The training programs included workshops and visits.

In accordance with the collaboration protocol settled between the center and Limassol Turkish Cooperative Bank, the center delivered a 3-week Limassol Banking Academy training.

On behalf of Eastern Mediterranean University, the center signed a collaboration protocol with Cyprus Foundations Administration. As part of the protocol, the center has undertaken the preparation of an evaluation report regarding the institutional, financial, administrative, legal and human resources aspects of the Cyprus Foundations Administration. Following the finalisation of the report, the Cyprus Foundations Administration will go through a period of restructuring.

Last but not least, the center has participated in a joint project with KOOP SÜT. With the project prepared by the center, KOOP SÜT has demonstrated sustainable developments.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre,

Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr.Mustafa TÜMER
(+90) 392 630 1343