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Department of Public Relations and Advertising

Our Mission

Basic mission of Eastern Mediterranean Univeristy, Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising department is to raise experts who are aware of ethical responsibilities, well-educated in their areas, with vision, creative and capable of finding solutions to arising problems to satisfy the needs of the sector’s varying requirements in the globalized world.



Vice Chair(s):
Asst. Prof. Dr. UMUT AYMAN

Departmental Facilities

Students have to opportunity to perform all the phases of the marketing communications, public relations, advertising and marketing focused campaigns via Project Center and Genesis IMC Agency which are formed within the department which will differentiate them with professional experience and self-esteem as graduates. Project Center and Genesis IMC Agency provides workshops and conference opportunities by inviting sector and area expert guests throught the year. Besides highly strong theoretical base offerings the department also provides the chance to students to apply their theoretic knowledge through public relations, advertising, creativitiy and non-profit organizations oriented projects. Hence, students learn how to develop solutions to contingencies of public relations and advertising areas via using basic techniques and methodologies. Furthermore, students participate in national and international various contents with their projects and achieve successful standings in them.


Since its establishment year 1997, Department of Public Relations and Advertising is the department of the faculty with the highest number of graduates. The department had its in English till 2012 but starting from 2012-2013 academic year it has started accepting students for its programs in Turkish too.

Public Relations and AdvertisingBachelor / B.A.4 Public Relations and Advertising
Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish)Bachelor / B.A.4 Public Relations and Advertising

Distinguishing Attributes

The program which has multi-disciplinary property, trained the students as PR and Advertising professionals based on Integrated Marketing Communications which is one of the popular profession area of the 21 century. In the practical courses in our curriculum, students gained knowledge and skills in integrated marketing communications , public relations and advertising campaigns in the field of design , research, planning and implementation. In Public relations, students besides creating tactics and strategies, in the field of corporate public relations and marketing based public relations they also managing activities with the awareness of corporate social responsibility and can raise awareness on specific issues. In the field of advertising students are able to do creative presentation, developing strategies and tactics for the target group and by depending on the campaign reports preparing media plan, ad shoot , script, text, design, promotion music and drawn advertising scenario.

Major Accomplishments

Our students are eligible to do Public Relations and Advertising field assessment of the situation, campaign objectives, audience definition, positioning anddepending on the strategies, preparation of the visuals designs ( printed or written ) that are used in media and budgeting. Our department also,as a member of the prestigious international associations European Public Relations Education and Research Association ( UPRERA), follow developments in the world and reflects them to the students. Our students organize, plan and practically apply the community involvement projects in North Cyprus.

Quality of Graduates

Graduates of our department are also able to work in the publicity and promotion units of different media institutions like newspapers, radio, television, and magazines. Moreover, working for public relations and advertising agencies, they are competently able to fulfill the functions of strategic planning, creativity, graphic design, marketing research, media planning, and customer relations.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Public Relations and Advertising Department are equipped to competently work in the public relations and advertising departments and publicity or promotion offices of both private firms and the public institutions, in their publicity offices, in the non-governmental organizations, and as communication consultants.

Many of our graduates have found jobs in quite respectable public relations and advertising firms, and in the public relations and advertising departments of public and private institutions. Students who get an education in public relations and advertising, which is one of the rising professions of the 21. Century, have a distinct advantage in finding jobs, compared to many other fields.


Department of Public Relations and Advertising
Department of Public Relations and Advertising, Mimar Sinan Street
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, North Cyprus
Mersin 10 Turkey

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