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Department of Midwifery

Our Mission

To train professional midwives at undergraduate level who can meet the needs of national and international in line with contemporary approaches.

Vision of the Department

To increase the preference of midwifery in the fields of education, research and management and to become a pioneer in midwifery undergraduate education.

Distinguishing Attributes

EMU, Midwifery Department equip each individual student with up-to-date information and modern technology and to train students in becoming responsible, innovative professionals with a vision and ethical/professional values. Regarding courses and internship opportunities, our Department also receives support from academicians who have become experts in their academic and professional fields at the most prominent universities in Turkey. Also collaboration protocols have been signed with TRNC Health Ministry in order to provide different opportunities for students in the area of internship. While getting ready for their profession, students at our University have a chance to express themselves with participation at international standards and by taking part in social and cultural activities.


MidwiferyBachelor / B.S.4 Midwifery

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program can find a job in all institutions such as maternity hospitals, inpatient treatment institutions, maternity and gynecology services, antenatal care and polyclinics, neonatal services, family planning, and maternal and child health centers, infertility centers, prenatal education classes, women's health. Graduates can also work as self-employed midwives.

Our graduates can also work as managers, responsible midwives, clinical midwives, and educator midwives in State, private, and university hospitals. By opening private health cabins and, or patient care houses, they can practice their profession freely.

Finally, our graduates of the Midwifery Department can work as a academic staff in Midwifery Departments by taking the graduate education.


Department of Midwifery
Department of Midwifery, İbn-i Sina Street
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, North Cyprus
Mersin 10 Turkey

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