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Department of Turkish Language and Literature


Our department offers two programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Within the framework of the undergraduate program, students receive in-depth information regarding Turkish Language and Literature through core courses which are supported by area electives. Students also have the opportunity of benefiting from university elective courses depending on areas of interest.

The postgraduate program offered by our department aims to sharpen our students’ research skills and give them expertise on a specific area of Turkish language or literature.

Additionally, our department has launched a Turkish Language minor program for those students from various Turkic republics currently studying at different faculties and departments of the university. Students attending the minor program are provided with the skills to interact through different Turkic languages and dialects, all facilitating interaction and cultural exchange between Turkic Republics.

Turkish Language and Literature (Turkish)Bachelor / B.A.4 Turkish Language and Literature
Turkish Language and Literature (Turkish with Thesis)Master / M.A.1 - 2 Turkish Language and Literature

Our Mission

The fundamental mission of Eastern Mediterranean University Arts and Sciences Faculty Turkish Language and Literature Department is to raise awareness regarding the existence of Turkish Language which has spread over a wide geographical area throughout the history and bring up professionals who possess the skills and expertise to conduct an analysis of each period of the Turkish language throughout its development in line with scientific criteria. During the four-year undergraduate study period, students receive in-depth instruction both on Turkish and other countries’ literature, gain a comparative literary outlook and are provided with information regarding international research on Turcology. The department endeavors to bring up qualified, creative, environment sensitive and inquisitive Turcologs who would provide solutions for problems regarding Turkish language and literature, continuously develop themselves in line with scientific and technological developments, demonstrate awareness regarding the protection, correct use and the continuation of the Turkish language and contribute to the country’s scientific and cultural heritage.



Vice Chair(s):

Departmental Facilities

The department provides the students with multi-dimensional education and believes that theory and practice go hand in hand. Students are provided with opportunities to study in small groups with student numbers ranging from 10 to 20. Working with small groups enables the academic staff members to get to know each student as an individual and demonstrate sufficient interest, accordingly. Should they face any difficulties regarding their learning, students may also have tutorials in their instructor's office and, at the same time, benefit from the departmental library. In this way, students learn how to learn and at the same time live the happiness of learning. Whilst bringing up our students as researchers, we also equip them with skills for literary understanding and criticism and help them discover and develop their literary abilities. Students may also take active roles in student clubs in line with their interests and enjoy working in a team.

Distinguishing Attributes

Employment of the majority of graduates at various prominent educational institutions after a tough competition is an indicator of our success and quality in education. The department avoids teaching through memorization and puts special importance on raising awareness on the development and functioning of the Turkish language. In this way, students are provided with the opportunity of comparing Turkish dialects, both old and new, as well as conducting an evaluation of related works of art.

Major Accomplishments

Being the first and the oldest Turkish Language and Literature Department in TRNC, our department takes pride in being the most populated department throughout the world with 21 academic staff members, 800 students and thousands of graduates. The majority of the Turkish Language and Literature teaching staff employed at TRNC high schools are our graduates. Many of our graduates who have obtained teaching certificates are currently working as teachers in Turkey. Additionally, a group of graduates from our department are employed as academicians both in TRNC and Turkey.

Quality of Graduates

With its aim of having a special place in the world of Turcology, Turkish Language and Literature Department endeavors to graduate qualified professionals who possess the skills and knowledge compatible with the current age and latest scientific developments and, at the same time, who are well-equipped for the competition both in national and international arena. The department motivates its successful students to study and conduct research at a higher level through postgraduate programs.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the department have numerous employment opportunities. They may become teachers in state or private schools operating under the Ministry of Education after taking formation courses. They may also work in various local or international institutions such as libraries, government archive offices, private and state organizations related with Mid-Asian countries, and public relations companies. Our graduates may also choose to continue their studies at a higher level by attending postgraduate and doctoral degree programs. They may also pursue job opportunities as Turkish language instructors in universities, script translators, editors, script writers and art advisors.


Department of Turkish Language and Literature
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