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Turkish Language Teaching Undergraduate Program (B.A., 4 Years)

Turkish Language Teaching undergraduate program aims to graduate qualified Turkish Language teachers who will serve at elementary schools in the Republic of Turkey and TRNC. The medium of instruction is Turkish and the program duration is 4 years.

General Information

Students of the Turkish Language Teaching Program are offered courses giving them expertise both in theory and practice. Students’ academic performance is assessed through in-term homework, 2 mid-term examinations, and a final examination. Additionally, projects aiming to develop students’ research and problem solution skills are regularly assigned throughout the semester. During the third and the final year of their education, students are introduced to the school environment and required to prepare product files.


Turkish Language Teaching Program’s fundamental aim is to bring up modern and well-informed teachers. Along with their courses, teacher candidates are motivated to take part in seminars, conferences and workshops, all enhancing their observation skills and knowledge in the field. Having adopted a modern education philosophy, the program offers a flexible approach enabling the students to assess, share, interpret and comment on the input they receive regarding Turkish Language Teaching. Students are directed towards research improving their knowledge and, at the same time, are provided with an environment to share their findings with the relevant audience.


Students can benefit from library services and computer labs through compulsory computer courses. Elective courses offered by the department all aim to contribute to the social and intellectual development of the students. Students may also become members of different student clubs (i.e., Atatürk Ideology Club, Musical, Theatre and Dance Club, Cinema Club, Turkish Folk Music Club, Archaeology Club, Photography Club etc…) and develop their skills in the areas of interest.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates may pursue job opportunities as Turkish Language Teachers at state schools operating under the ministry of education both in Turkey and the TRNC. They may also be recruited at private schools as Turkish instructors. Those wishing to continue their studies at postgraduate level may become academicians at Turkish Language and Literature Departments operating under Arts and Sciences Faculties. Program graduates may also serve as experts at institutes or research centers and as editors in newspapers or magazines.


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