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Turkish Language and Literature Undergraduate Program (Turkish) (B.A., 4 Years)

Turkish Language and Literature Department aims to analyse and promote past and present Turkish Language and Literature. With its qualified academic staff, innovative undergraduate and graduate programs and multi-perspective scientific and cultural activities, the Department offers outstanding and privileged education. In the area of Turkish Literature, past and modern Turkish Literature are analysed from different perspectives. Different areas of literature such as contemporary Turkish, folk, world, Turkic republics and Cyprus Turkish literature are among the other areas of study in the Department.

General Information

Through departmental core courses, literature, syntactic and linguistics theories and modern research and analysis methods are introduced. Various subjects such as the development of Turkish as a language, structure and linguistics form the content of the elective courses.


Since its establishment, the Department has adopted an innovative educational philosophy which is open to scientific developments. The Department employs academicians who studied in different countries. Considerable importance is given to research as well as bringing up qualified students. The Department frequently houses conferences and seminars. Students receive every kind of support from the academics or other departmental staff to develop themselves efficiently.


The Department puts considerable importance on the provision of high quality education through the employment of prominent academicians. EMU Library houses a rich collection of books in the area of Turkish Language and Literature. Our Department continuously follows new publications in the area and supports the library in this respect.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the department have numerous employment opportunities. They may continue with their postgraduate education or become a teacher by taking formation courses from various universities. Institutions such as libraries, government archive offices and public relations companies are only a few of the employment opportunities for them. Our graduates may also pursue job opportunities in radios, TV channels or newspapers as journalists, editors, script writers, reporters or advertisement developers.


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