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Rector's Message

Dear Students,

The Eastern Mediterranean University stands as the pioneering state university established by statute, leading the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ higher education. With globally recognized accreditations validating its educational programs, the university has solidified its position among today's top academic institutions at a global scale.

One of the greatest characteristics of the Eastern Mediterranean University is its exceptional integration with the city, placing it among the few universities in the world with such a close connection. Our university welcomes over 16,000 students from 109 diverse countries and boasts faculty members from 35 different nations. This vibrant environment fosters an educational experience within an international campus and cross-cultural friendships, preparing you extensively for the future through our global structure. Whilst receiving a quality education here, getting to know different cultures will take you beyond the graduates of other universities. Thus, with the internationally recognized diploma of the Eastern Mediterranean University, wherever you go in the world, you will not feel estranged or encounter adaptation challenges.

The Eastern Mediterranean University not only offers high-quality education and research opportunities but also fosters the students' development through a digital transformation mission and an innovative approach through integrating social, cultural, and art activities, ensuring that all graduates are well-prepared academically and socially for their professional endeavors. With an elite alumni network of almost 75,000 graduates worldwide, the university takes immense pride in their accomplishments. Our alumni, shaped by our institution, emerge as dynamic, resourceful individuals who understand contemporary needs, possess the skills to address them, and adapt their work to the latest global advancements in their respective fields. In addition to the said skills, our graduates boast unique characteristics including a proactive attitude, competitiveness, and a dedication to continuous personal and professional growth.

The Eastern Mediterranean University boasts a modern, eco-friendly campus designed to meet each student's requirements, providing a wide array of possibilities including sports facilities, hobby or interest-based student clubs, representation in international student societies and cultural promotion, access to Beach Club, and accommodation/housing facilities. We invite you to join us here at the Eastern Mediterranean University, the biggest and strongest investment for your future, where you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in the joys of personal development in a magnificent historic city whilst receiving the world's highest quality education—a foundation to shape your future with precision and purpose.

With my best regards,

Prof. Dr. Hasan KILIÇ