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Rector's Message

Prof. Dr. Aykut HOCANIN

High Technology Institute, which started its education life in 1979, was transformed into a state university by taking the name of Eastern Mediterranean University in 1986. EMU has been a pioneer in both Famagusta and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with its institutional structure for over forty years, its quality education opportunities, and its appreciation for research, social, cultural and sports activities. EMU has responsibilities towards both the society and the future generations.

Today, EMU is among the world’s most prestigious academic institutions with its international success. The university continues adding a notch on its belt every day. The achievements of our university are the result of great teamwork, trust and loyalty. We continue our hard work in order to continue to be a source of pride for our country.

EMU offers a multinational education opportunity for its students coming from 110 different countries all around the world. Our university continues to work with its all strength for sustainable systems that attach more importance to production rather than consumption, appreciate and protect the past, and reserve the rights of the future generations.

Eastern Mediterranean University adapts to the contemporary changes, supports personal development with its advanced infrastructure and extensive campus facilities, in line with advancement of technology. Moreover, it keeps pace with global changes in the field of higher education, is competitive and entrepreneurial, leads innovations, , and enables its students to work for societies, countries and humanity.

Providing a world-reknown and recognized training for students, offering opportunity to research, carrying out studies by acknowledging and appreciating science, being in touch with its alumni are significant for the EMU family. EMU endeavors to raise individuals who push the limits of learning, live up to the democratic values, respect the universal human rights and environment.

Together with our academic staff members, administrative staff, students and graduates, we are a huge and strong family. With the powerful team spirit, we know the value of providing a great working environment in unity and solidarity. We will continue to move forward by embracing an equal, fair, transparent and holistic sense of rule with, ethical values ​​and social responsibilities.

Prof. Dr. Aykut Hocanın