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Computer Programming Technician Program (Turkish)

School of Computing and Technology
Degree: H.D.C.P.
Duration (Years): 3
Language: Turkish

Bilgisayar Programcılığı Ön Lisans Programı

Eastern Mediterranean University Computer Programming Associate Degree Program is one of the oldest programs offered by the School of Computing and Technology. The duration of studies is either for 2 or 3 years and the medium of instruction is Turkish. The fundamental aim of the program is to graduate intermediate workforce who will successfully perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Computer and computer systems setup
  • Transfer of the businesses into the web environment
  • Developing application programs for businesses
  • Working in teams

General Information

Courses offered during the freshman year are English, mathematics and computer hardware/software courses, all developing students’ background for computer programming.  At the end of the freshman year, students pursue their summer internship and gain sectoral expertise. During their second year, courses on computer networks, internet programming, object-oriented programming, database programming and management are offered. During the third year, students are given the chance to sharpen their skills on information technology by preparing a term project after having taken 5 courses during the first semester and worked at the sector during the second.


Continuously following the innovations and developments in information technologies, our school continuously revises and updates the curriculum. In this respect, extra care is put on the provision of balance between theory and practice.

  • Program courses consist of 2 hour class and 2 hour lab practice;
  • Students develop their autonomous learning skills, thanks to the problem-based learning approach adopted by the program.
  • Sample cases are analysed during the supervision of the course instructor;
  • Students benefit from academic staff members’ sectoral experience and expertise 


  • 12 multimedia classrooms/labs fully equipped with modern educational technologies.
  • Latest version software programs/case tools installed in all labs; CASE tools.
  • Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor to guide him/her in the course selection process and to provide a link between the student and the department.
  • A Software Student Club fostering an environment of information and experience exchange among students.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program have the opportunity of continuing their studies at Computer Technologies and Information Systems Program (B.S.) offered by our school. Some of the popular IT positions for which the graduates qualify are as follows:

  • Computer programming
  • Web design / programming
  • Computer setup and maintenance
  • Desktop publishing
  • Computer network maintenance
  • Small-scale system development and application
  • Small-scale database development

Contact Information

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Fax: +90 392 365 1574

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