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Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts & Sciences

Sanat Beşeri ve Sosyal Bilimler Bölümü

Department's Mission

With its international academic staff and students, EMU embodies many similarities and differences. Therefore, it is a community which embraces differences and cultural variety and hence, an ideal environment for a democratic culture to flourish. In order to contribute to this atmosphere, the Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, which was launched in 2009, strives to create an awareness of respect, tolerance and responsibility in students through its wide selection of elective courses (including philosophy, art, anthropology, archeology, law etc.) it offers every semester.

By acknowledging the value of multi-directional education in every educational field, EMU aims to provide students with undergraduate level knowledge on arts, aesthetics, humanities and social sciences as well as to provide a basis and understanding on anthropology, archaeology, museology and cultural heritage. Bringing creativity and analytical thinking into open while realizing the aim, our faith in our students contributing everything that is to have good impact on human values, societies and world empowers us.

Through our program and elective courses, we wish to contribute to the civilization by applying science and playing a part in resolving both regional and international problems by creating awareness with an integrated approach into arts, humanities and social sciences as well as an inter-disciplinary approach.



Vice Chair(s):

Departmental Facilities

Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences has experienced academic staff comprising of academic members who are graduates of various reputable universities and are authors of many published books and articles.

Courses offered by the Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences are conducted in Arts and Sciences Faculty in classrooms furnished with audio-visual equipment. Apart from the rich EMU library database, the books available in the library serve as a source for literature, history, archaeology and music. Student clubs run by the department, seminars and cultural tours organized also by the department contribute to the intellectual development of students taking courses from the Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Thanks to our department’s collaboration with EMU – Eastern Mediterranean Cultural Heritage Research Center (EMU-DAKMAR), our students can partake in inter-disciplinary excavations or surface researches operated by the center. Adding more, students can benefit from The Kral Tepesi Preserving and Restoring Cultural Assets Laboratory, allowing them to actively work on cultural heritage preservation works.

Distinguishing Attributes

Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences comes from a rooted arts and social sciences tradition. Intrinsically, this inter-disciplinary department aims to offer various university elective courses including; philosophy, arts, aesthetics and museology, archeology, history, Mediterranean cultural heritage and history, etc. Our department embraces an approach that will enhance our students’ knowledge, revive their intellectual improvements, increase their interests on literature and culture and finally enable the variety of opinions. Therefore, courses taught in our department are designed in company with audio-visual materials that will contribute the creative thinking skills of our students. Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences also strives to encourage its students to participate in different inter-disciplinary projects and, to contribute the bringing up of young scientists.

Major Accomplishments

Apart from the courses offered by the Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to its students, department also provide other students who are studying in different departments in EMU and are keen on studying history, archeology, history of arts, mythology and philosophy. With the national and international scientific projects operated under the roof of our department, important contributions are made with regards to the preserving, researching and restoring the World Cultural Heritage.

Quality of Graduates

Graduates of Eastern Mediterranean University will obtain an opportunity while starting their professional lives. EMU makes sure that its graduates are aware of the universal ethical and cultural values which will help them in both national and international professional environments. Today, the way people are perceived is closely linked with their achievements. For this reason, we aim to infuse cultural, artistic and universal values into our students, gain them intellectual skills and finally help them to become successful individuals and/or academic staff members.

Career Opportunities

A degree from the Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences leads to a wide variety of job opportunities. Because of the comprehensive and inclusive scope of the disciplines, students are well-prepared to embark on careers ranging from archeology, history, anthropology, philosophy, teaching, cinema, advertising, politics, public relations, film, public relations, international relations to diplomacy and NGO’s.


Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
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