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Physiotherapy Associate Program (Turkish) (A.D., 2 Years)

General Information

The aim of the Physiotherapy associate degree program is to cater for the growing demand for qualified, modern and inquisitive physiotherapy technicians who will deliver services at state, private or university hospitals, physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics and special health centers.


Since the Physiotherapy is a continuously developing sector with the latest technological developments, demand for qualified workforce in this area is continuously increasing. The increasing number of individuals with a disability, either gained from birth or at a later stage of life, has increased the demand for qualified professionals supporting the physiotherapists in the area of rehabilitation. The integrated curriculum gives space to innovations and modern developments and the quality of education is supported by an array of equipments and facilities available at the Faculty of Health Sciences.


With the aim of graduating successful and modern physiotherapists, our university has established collaboration protocols with Marmara and Gazi Universities of Turkey. Our University provides sufficient number of computers with Internet connections for students. Students are also given the privilege of benefiting from the Eastern Mediterranean University Library which is equipped with modern facilities, equipment and databases. Our University also provides an array of recreational opportunities for our students in the form of social, cultural and sports activities.

Career Opportunities

Upon the successful completion of the program, graduates are awarded the title of a “Physiotherapy Technician” and may pursue employment opportunities at the rehabilitation units of the state and private hospitals, physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, special centers, old people’s homes, thermal water resorts or hotels operating in the field of health tourism.


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