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Industrial Engineering Master's Program (without Thesis) (M.S., 1 - 1.5 Years)

The Industrial Engineering Department offers graduate programs leading to Master of Science and Doctoral degrees. Courses to be taken are balanced among both theoretical and applied fields and students are encouraged to take elective courses from other departments of the University subject to the approval of their research supervisors. The current research interest fields of our faculty staff is listed below.

Admission Requirements

Provided that the applicant to M.S. program demonstrated proficiency in English language, he/she must have a basic degree (B.S.) in Engineering/Science with a minimum CGPA of 2.5/4.0. The Graduate Committee evaluates the applications and decides on the applicant’s deficiency courses, if any, in their BS program before being admitted to the MS program. The maximum number of deficiency courses allowed is 10.

Research Interests

Agricultural economics, Alternative energy resources/biogas/solar, Applications of artificial intelligence techniques, Design and analysis of production systems/production control, Economic justification of modern manufacturing technologies, Health and safety, Ethics in science and engineering, Experimental design, Financial decision making, Work study/human factors, Information theory/Information systems analysis, Logical analysis of data/applications to biological problems, Mathematics/Optimization/Integer programming/Queuing Theory, Meta-heuristics methods, Modern manufacturing technologies, Performance evaluation of manufacturing systems, Probabilistic and fuzzy modelling, Production planning and systems design, Reliability simulation, Statistical inference, Statistical process control, Stochastic modelling and simulation/Stochastic modelling of biological problems, Stochastic studies of deteriorating systems, Supply chain management, TQM and its applications in industry and education, Warranty analysis, Water quality


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