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Chemistry Master's Program (with Thesis) (M.S., 1 - 2 Years)

The Department of Chemistry offers a two-year program of graduate study leading to the Master of Science (M.S.) and a four year program culminating in the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry. The programs focus on Organic and Polymer Chemistry. These programs have been established to enable students with research motivation to develop their interests through advanced study. The programs of study and courses are designed flexibly, in order to enable students to shape their studies as far as possible in accordance with their own specific interests. Research activities are conducted in collaboration with prominent universities and institutes in Turkey, Europe the rest of the world.

Admission Requirements

Candidates for admission to the M.S. Program are required to have completed a B.S. degree in chemistry, chemical engineering or a related field.

Research Interests

Synthesis, modification and characterisation of polymers, Natural polymers, Biomedical and industrial applications of polymer gels, Photostable and photoactive polymers, Functional dyes, naphtalindimides and cyclophanlans, Solar cells