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Housing Education, Research & Advisory Center (HERA-C)


Established in 2006, EMU Faculty of Architecture, Housing, Education and Research Center (HERA –C) aims to address a multi-dimensional approach to housing issues. At the national level, HERA-C targets to collaborate with public and private sectors, NGOs, other research centers, and community to transmit the knowledge on housing theory and practice. Within this framework the center aims to facilitate the provision of unity between research, design, practice and consultation on housing issues.

EMU Faculty of Architecture, Housing, Education, Research & Advisory Centre’s interests cover the physical, socio-economical, technological, cultural, and legal of housing.

Field of Activities

  • Education and Research intersection:
    Center organizes conferences, symposiums, courses and similar meetings for both public and private sector aiming to benefit professionals and young researchers working in the field of housing.

  • The scope of the research-publication:
    The center encourages the publication of research on housing; broadcast podcasts and webinars, publish newsletters, books, magazines and organize national and international exhibitions.

  • Application-level Advisory:
    Within the organizational capacity of the Faculty of Architecture, the center works in collaboration to provide advisory and/or practical services.

  • Institutional Cooperation Platform:
    The center works with the national and international research institutes on interdisciplinary fields and get engaged in joint research projects with universities, short or long-term joint activities.


Housing Education, Research & Advisory Center (HERA-C),

Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pınar Uluçay Righelato
Tel: (+90) 392 630 2237
Fax: (+90) 392 630 2365