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Public Administration Undergraduate Program (B.A., 4 Years)

Public Administration program aims to help students to understand the content of contemporary public administration and to develop critical thinking about the provision of public goods and services. The program focuses on the laws, structures, beliefs, cultures, historical processes and practices which are influential for the emergence of national and international bureaucratic formations. Thus, the program analyses and assesses different administrative structures in various political systems.

General Information

The main aim of the Public Administration Undergraduate Program is to provide information regarding all the sub-branches of the science of public administration and, at the same time, equip them with the general principles of Public Administration. For this reason, the program offers common courses with other departments and programs of the Faculty during the first and the second year. Along with these courses, students are provided with the opportunity of taking elective courses from other faculties. In general a semester is evaluated on the basis of homework, quizzes, a mid-term, and a final examination. During the third and the final year, there are projects focusing both on theory and application which develop students’ analysis and problem solution skills. During the second phase of the program, the possibility of choosing area electives from other departments within the Faculty enables the students to improve their knowledge in the relevant fields.


FIBAA: Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation
Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation


All courses and examinations are held in English language. Therefore, the students find the opportunity to improve their foreign language skills which will enable them to participate actively in academic and social activities and programs. Another important feature of the program is the existence of small classes which enables one-to-one interaction and supervision between the student and the instructor. Thus, the program enables the students to develop self-confidence, participatory attitudes and critical thinking. The academic team in the program is cosmopolite and consists of members who are willing to help students to achieve their ideals.


The Public Administration program students have access to six computer labs with free Internet connections. The use of video, projector, computer and internet in multimedia classes provide the students with an effective learning environment enhancing their creativity. Regularly updated textbooks and lesson plans help the students to follow latest developments in relevant areas. In addition, a fully-equipped health center, modern dorms, a sports complex, a swimming pool, restaurants, the library, post-office, and bookstore located on the campus help students meet their social and cultural needs.

Career Opportunities

Our successful graduates will be able to pursue their postgraduate studies at various MA programs. They will also be appropriate candidates to be employed as experts with various kinds of positions in scientific research activities, public service and political activities and organizations. Additionally, the program helps the students to develop abilities and skills as reading, writing, analysing, and criticising. They will also acquire the ability to present a scientific topic, participate in a discussion and use internet for social and academic purposes which will all increase their chance to be employed by the private sector.


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