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Physics Undergraduate Program (B.S., 4 Years)

General Information

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Physics Department of Faculty of Arts & Sciences has been founded in 1986. Our education and research processes - currently maintained by qualified academic personnel - are always on the rise in agreement with our level of superiority, defined by our principles. We would like to transfer our extraordinary achievement in our postgraduate (MS / PhD) programs to the B.S. Physics Program, which was paused in 1998 but has been re-activated as of the 2020-2021 academic year (*,**).


The courses taken by our B.S. majors provide a comprehensive foundation in Physics. Starting in the first year, introductory mechanics and electromagnetism courses include both lecture and laboratory components. Physics major takes lecture courses in modern Physics, advanced classical mechanics, and computational methods in Physics. Besides, the B.S. Physics major will have lecture courses in quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics/thermodynamics, and advanced electricity and magnetism. Students will also take courses on the condensed matter physics, cosmology, general relativity, laser physics, nuclear and particle physics, and optics. The applications of many course topics will be carried out in our modern undergraduate Physics laboratories. Also, our students will be enabled to express themselves through project and seminar lessons, and thus be ready for their future careers.

Career Opportunities

The B.S. degree in Physics is traditionally taken by students interested in a career in physics research in government or industry, or in college- and university-level teaching and research. Nationally, about half of all B.S. Physics students go on to graduate school, either in Physics, engineering or another professional area. At EMU, many of our B.S. majors continue their studies after graduation. Others choose to take immediate employment in a variety of technical fields in industry, teaching, government, institutions and organizations. EMU Physics graduates always earn prestigious national and international scholarships and are admitted to top graduate programs, institutions and professional schools.

* EMU-FAS BS Physics Program is accredited by Council of Higher Education (TURKEY), which is the so-called YÖK.

** EMU-FAS BS Physics Program is currently accredited by YÖDAK: Higher Council of Education in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


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