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Mobile Health Research and Application Center

The improvement in health services and the demand for these services have been increasing as the number of diseases caused by pollution of the environment and the changing living and working conditions have hit a peak as well as the rising life expectancy and the request for a better quality of life.

Tests should be carried out periodically specially in the cases of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes and shared with the specialized doctors as consequences could be life threatening. For instance, increase in the number of medical tests and imaging, storage and further investigation of these data requires extensive use of computers and technological devices. The main motives of Mobile Health Research and Application Center are: to develop mobile applications in order to ensure better monitoring of chronic diseases and work with specific associations to encourage the use of these products by the society as well as the doctors, to develop further applications providing information about the healthy eating habits and ensuring the continuation of these habits, to design models that would help the early diagnosis of the health problems and carry out scientific broadcasts in order to share these data.


Faculty of Engineering, Mobile Health Research and Application Center,

Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey

Chair: Prof. Dr. Hakan ALTINÇAY
(+90) 392 630 2842