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Faculty of Health Sciences


Nutrition & Dietetics (Turkish)Bachelor / B.S.4 Nutrition and Dietetics
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish)Bachelor / B.S.4 Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Sports Sciences (Turkish)Bachelor / B.S.4 Exercise and Sports Sciences
Health Management (Turkish)Bachelor / B.S.4 Health Management
Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Nutrition and Dietetics
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish)PhD / Ph.D.3,5 - 5 Nutrition and Dietetics
Nutrition & DieteticsBachelor / B.S.4 Nutrition and Dietetics
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationBachelor / B.S.4 Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish)PhD / Ph.D.3,5 - 5 Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Nursing (Turkish)Bachelor / B.S.4 Nursing
Nursing (English)Bachelor / B.S.4 Nursing
Nursing (Turkish with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Nursing
Paramedics (Turkish)Bachelor / B.S.4 Paramedics
MidwiferyBachelor / B.S.4 Midwifery
Nursing Sciences (Turkish)PhD / Ph.D.3,5 - 5 Nursing

About Faculty

EMU Faculty of Health Sciences took a step to academic life in 2010-2011 Academic year by accepting 220 students to the Department of Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation , Department of Nutrition and Dietetics and Nursing. In addition to the existing departments, in 2011-2012 Academic year , Faculty of Health Sciences offers new programs such as Sports Sciences and Health Management which are the very first in TRNC. In 2012-2013 Academic year, the faculty was keep on growing by establishing the School of Health Services. In the same year, the faculty has started to accept students to the Associate degree of First and Emergency Aid and Anesthesia. In 2013-14 Academic year, Associate degree of Dialysis, Physiotherapy, Elder Care and Oral and Dental Health were established within the scope of the School of Health Services. Faculty of Health Sciences becomes a great educational institution at educating Healthcare Professionals and Health Technicians with it’s 2000 students. Our faculty aims to maximize it’s laboratory standards for training Healtcare Professionals, thus advanced technological laboratories were established in the first year of the faculty. New technological laboratories are still continuing to be added to the faculty’s organization.

Our faculty is not only aiming to train health services members, but also aims to contribute to the community health. For this reason, the Centre of Healthy Life and the Centre of Prosthesis Orthesis and Biomechanics were established and bring into service with the faculty’s professional instructors.Our faculty is developing step by step with the established departments, centres and modern laboratories and we will keep on developing by integrating ourselves with the modern and advanced level of education system, by opening new departments, new centres and laboratories and by working with new academicians.

To maintain our pioneer position in health education by improving ourselves, to shape our scientific activities according to the needs of our country and within the scope of global developments. We aimed to train students who will be able to think critically in their academic and working lives, valuing the ethical issues, responsible for the community, participative, thinking sophisticatedly, open to learning, researcher, productive, innovative, taking place in multidisciplinary works and thus trained as a professionalist.

Our faculty aims to produce, apply, spread knowledge about health in our country, train individuals who have advanced abilities and be an education and research institution at international level. Our goal is not only to train healthcare professionals who would represent our faculty in national and international platforms, but also to promote cooperation between the faculty and the community, to increase the living quality and health standards of the community and being responsible from the global values. of Health Sciences and School of Health Services

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Vice Dean(s):
Assoc. Prof. Dr. YASİN YURT


SABAK: Sağlık Bilimleri Eğitim Programları Değerlendirme ve Akreditasyon Derneği
Accredited Programs: Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish) (B.S.) Nutrition & Dietetics (Turkish) (B.S.)


COHEHRE: Consortium of Institutes of Higher Education in Health and Reabilitation in Europe
Member Units: Health Sciences


Faculty of Health Sciences,
İbn-i Sina Street
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey

Tel: +90 392 630 3939
Fax: +90 392 630 3940

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