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Molecular Biology and Genetics Undergraduate Program (B.S., 4 Years)

Molecular biology and genetics study organisms on a cellular and molecular level. This is a rapidly developing field of biological sciences which has many important applications not only in biomedical sciences, but also in other domains such as agriculture. The study of living things at molecular and genetic levels have undergone tremendous development and expansion in the last decades, and as a result undergraduate education in topics such as molecular cell biology, molecular genetics and genomics are becoming of higher interest.

General Information

The education offered within the framework of the Molecular Biology and Genetics Program covers basic biology courses as well as mathematics, applied mathematics, computer, chemistry and physics courses, all designed to sharpen students’ skills in putting theory into practice. The objectives of the undergraduate program are as follows:

  • Analysing the underlying theories of the biological sciences as well as their historical and philosophical development,
  • Analysing research topics on biological sciences,
  • Exploring and evaluating the effects of different disciplines shaped in line with the technological and scientific developments,
  • Adopting a critical outlook on research published in the field of biological sciences,
  • Providing a strong foundation for students in developing their skills in the use of laboratories and technology.


ASIIN: Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Molecular Biology and Genetics program at EMU offers a Bachelor of Science degree upon completion of a 4-year curriculum taught in English. Students are mainly educated in molecular biology and various fields of genetics. In addition, courses include other fields of biology such as immunology and neuroscience. Well-rounded education is achieved by courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science and other fields embedded in the curriculum. In the first year, students are introduced to fundamentals of biological sciences in general and molecular biology in particular. Following, specialized courses provide in-depth knowledge in various aspects of genetics and molecular biology, both in theory and in practice through laboratory experience. Students are also offered several elective options in order to further develop themselves according to their own interests, such as in fields of nutrigenomics and genetic epidemiology.


Students of the Molecular Biology and Genetics program benefit from the chemistry, physics, computer and audio-visual technology facilities of the Arts and Sciences Faculty, in addition to the Molecular Biology and Genetics Laboratory housed by the Biological Sciences Department. Publication databases at Eastern Mediterranean University library also give students a chance to follow the latest developments in the biological sciences and other relevant fields. Eastern Mediterranean University Biological Sciences Department has established various collaborations with national and international universities, institutions or private establishments regarding students’ internship opportunities. Additionally, students of the program are offered the opportunity to take part as an assistant researcher in projects carried out by the department academic staff.

Career Opportunities

Following the successful completion of the 4-year undergraduate studies, program graduates will receive a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Upon receiving this degree, graduates have the necessary foundation to further their education in post-graduate programs. Graduates have the opportunity to find employment in variety of fields including teaching, clinical genetics, bioinformatics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, private diagnostic laboratories and research institutes.


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