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Computer Programming and Information Technology Associate Program (A.C.P., 2 Years)

The aim of the Computer Programming and Information Technology program is to equip students with a strong foundation needed for practical applications in Computer Programming (CP). The programme focuses on satisfying the needs of learners with a balanced education between the theoretical and practical concepts required for each module.

General Information

This is a 2-year associate academic program. First year of the program focuses on developing the knowledge about Basic English, mathematics and computer hardware/software. Students pursue their summer internship and gain experience in the industry, at the end of first year. During their second year, courses on computer networks, internet programming, object-oriented programming, database programming and management are offered, which improve their knowledge and prepare them for employment in the industry.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Computer Programming and Information Technology program are as listed below.

Graduates will

  • be prepared for profession in the CP field as it applies to basic programming software development principles, web and multimedia applications, and computer hardware installation, maintenance and update/upgrade, network installation and maintenance.
  • develop skills for effective verbal and written communication, and for participating effectively in the execution projects, and to foster professional attitudes and awareness of the benefits of life-long learning.
  • have a learning environment that is based on open interaction with experienced staff and a curriculum that follows the developments in CP field with practical knowledge compatible with business requirements.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of the Computer Programming and Information Technology program are as listed below.

  • Graduates have up to date fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge in CP field
  • Graduates can use all practical skills and also basic theoretical methods and techniques in the CP field
  • Graduates are well informed on institutional culture, management and organizational components of business
  • Graduates can utilize algorithmic thinking and planning approaches in their applications
  • Graduates can design and implement database applications for small and medium size projects
  • Graduates can design and implement web based projects
  • Graduates can design and implement desktop applications using up to date approaches and tools
  • Graduates can code and test software components with the given specifications
  • Graduates can use different hardware and software components in a computer system
  • Graduates can work effectively both in teams and individually
  • Graduates can follow the latest developments in the IT field with the awareness that lifelong learning is essential
  • Graduates has improved skills in oral and written communication in the IT field (in parallel with the objectives, students are assigned homework’s, project work, prepare reports and make PowerPoint presentations in some courses)
  • Graduates have basic English knowledge in oral and written communication
  • Graduates are aware of the importance of use of professional ethics in the IT field
  • Graduates can detect problems and apply basic problem solving skills

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program have the opportunity of continuing their studies at Information Technology Bachelor Program offered by the School of Computing and Technology. On the other hand, they may be employed in the following fields in the industry:

  • Web design / programming
  • Computer setup and maintenance
  • Desktop publishing
  • Computer network maintenance
  • System and application development
  • Database design

Additonal Information

For detailed description of courses refer to Course Descriptions


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