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Big Hall

The hall, with 846 amphitheatre seats, is used for multiple purposes. It has all the equipment needed for events like congress, panel, seminar, conference, ceremony, theatre, concert, ballet, dance, etc. The current technical equipment includes concert sound and light system; projection machine; DVD; VCD; projection screen; choir platforms; decoration hanging devices and stand-poster board. The stage area which is 260 m2 also includes an orchestra pit with lift. There are backstage rooms, shower, dressing and resting rooms behind the stage.



Area (m2)

Height (m)
1,307 7.50 864

Detailed Information


Surface area of the stage: 262.57 m2
Length of the stage: 15.40 m
Depth of the stage: 17.05 m
Height of the stage: 7.50 m

Front foldaway curtain: 1 in number
Mid-stage motor-curtain: 1 in number
Backstage fixed curtain: 1 in number

Mobile Stage

Area: 41.6 m²
Rising capacity: 1.8 m


Stage mixer: Soundcraft Si 1+ 54 Channel
Microphones Wireless (Hand Hold) 4 in number + 4 Wireless Headsets
Surround Passive Speaker: JBL 29AV: 20 in number
Active Stage Speaker 875W JBL VRX 932: 12 in number
Speaker Sub-bass JBL VRX918 SP: 4 in number
Microphone Vocal/Instrumental: 4 in number
Microphone Stand: 14 in number
CD Recording and CD Player Equipment - Pioneer


Dimmer FDL- H212: 12 in number (Each Dimmer 12Channel-63 Ampere)
Light Control Desk ABD Freedom – 24 Channel
Various Sports: 167 in number
Tracking Light: 2 Pharus 1200W DTS


Movie Production Machine Christie J 14-1: 1 in number
projection curtain:
Width:10m, Length: 5m

Backstage Rooms, Dance and Rehearsal Rooms, VIP Rooms

Backstage Room 20 in number
Make-up Room 4 in number
Dressing and Shower Rooms 4 in number
Workshop Rooms 8 in number
Music Room 1 in number
Decoration Room 1 in number