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Department of Chemistry


ChemistryPhD / Ph.D.3,5 - 5 Chemistry
Chemistry (with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Chemistry
ChemistryBachelor / B.S.4 Chemistry

Department's Mission

The fundamental mission of the Chemistry Department is to go beyond preparing scientifically well-trained graduates to educating post graduates who are not only qualified to train others, but also possess the skills to contribute to the advancement of the scientific understanding of our world.

Since its establishment in 1989, Chemistry Department has assumed a highly significant duty in Eastern Mediterranean University, responding to numerous demands arising due to the socio-economic, cultural and political structure of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

On the undergraduate program aspect of our mission, the Chemistry Department offers service courses for students following programmes in Engineering, Arts and Sciences, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences Faculties. The chemistry service courses not only form a cornerstone in the curriculum of these Faculties, but also enhance the scientific literacy of EMU students.


Vice Chair(s):

Vice Chair(s):

Departmental Facilities

Focusing on the graduate, MS and PhD, programs our department boasts well - equipped research facilities. For every MSc. or PhD student, the department provides an up-to-date PC. In addition, the Department of Chemistry is equipped with research laboratories to conduct research in organic photochemistry, polymer chemistry and environmental chemistry. These laboratories are equipped with fluorescence, UV-visible, and FTIR spectrophotometers,; Rayonet photo-reactors, solar collectors, Ubblohde and Brookfield viscometer and chromatographic separation systems.

There is also a General Chemistry laboratory for the purpose of training freshman students in the basic principles of chemistry and laboratory techniques.

Major Accomplishments

In addition to our teaching and service responsibilities, we expect our entire faculty to pursue world class research activities. Research experiences are considered an essential component of a modern undergraduate as well as a graduate Physics/Chemistry education and this aspect will be enhanced to match with our mission and envisioned future.

For a variety of reasons, including the limited size of both departments, as well as the need of attracting postgraduate students, the Physics and Chemistry Departments have chosen to concentrate their efforts in a number of research areas. Nevertheless, the increase in research emphasis and activity must not be pursued at the expense of quality classroom instruction.

The departments of Physics and Chemistry have achieved and will continue to achieve substantial growth in its nationally and internationally recognized research programs and in the quality of its undergraduate, if and when it commences, and graduate education programs.

Quality of Graduates

Our MSc and PhD graduates receive high quality education enabling them to compete with the others at an international level. They are well-equipped with problem solving techniques, self-discipline, creativity, self-confidence and other critical skills in our interconnected world.

Career Opportunities

Inspired by our philosophy that the mission of education and its institutions is not bounded to train people for vocation, but also to displace and correct primitive notions with advanced ones. This would, in turn, enhance creativity and productivity of our graduates as they are engaged to real life.

As a standard university wide, our PhD students have to publish at least one paper in an internationally refereed journal listed in the Science Citation Index or Science Citation Index Expanded to quality for a PhD diploma. Yet, they have to give some theoretical lectures in general Chemistry to train them for their academic careers.

Our MSc and PhD graduates may also serve as faculty members at universities, vocational schools and colleges and as research and development fellows in industrial laboratories and the like.


Department of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, Aristóteles Street
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, North Cyprus
Mersin 10 Turkey