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Accounting and Taxation Applications Associate Program (Turkish)

Degree: A.C.A.A.
Duration (Years): 2
Medium of Instruction: Turkish

Being the first and only program providing education on computer aided accounting in the TRNC since 1997, the program aims to bring up qualified intermediate workforce who possess theoretical and practical information in accounting, economics, work management and finance as well as a good command of English.

General Information

The two-year Accounting and Taxation Applications Associate Degree program aims to graduate qualified professionals who will serve as intermediate workforce demanded by accounting and finance departments of the commercial, accounting and financial consultancy companies. During the first year of their studies, students are equipped with skills to understand the basics of accounting as well as its functions and importance, follow rules and regulations regarding their profession, create accounting records and use financial figures in the financial structure analysis and decision making processes. During the second year of their studies, students are provided with information on accounting documents as well as the principles for developing financial statements and income tables from financial tables and, at the same time, gain information on how to use the accounting package programs. Information on the taxation regulations as well as basic concepts regarding tax applications and the taxation process are also among the topics covered during the second year of the program.


The program aims to graduate professionals who

  • have the ability to develop computer package programs in their field,
  • possess the skills in recognizing and organizing documents used in their area of profession,
  • possess the skills of organizing the accounting books, either through classical methods and/or in the computer environment, in line with the principles and procedures specified in the Tax Procedure Law and other relevant regulations.
  • are aware of the basic principles of the accounting profession as well as the importance of the computer technologies,
  • act according to professional ethics,
  • are aware of their importance and responsibilities in the profession.


  • 12 multimedia classrooms/labs fully equipped with modern educational technologies.
  • Admission without an exam for the graduates of the TRNC commerce high schools,
  • Unconditional scholarship opportunities for the graduates of the TRNC commerce high schools,
  • Latest version software programs/case tools installed in all labs;
  • Opportunities for learning the accounting package programs through Sage English accounting and EXPERT Turkish accounting Package program,
  • A fully equipped lab devoted for graduation project studies,
  • Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor to guide him/her in the course selection process and to provide a link between the student and the department,
  • An International Student Advisor is available full time to assist international students in academic, social and cultural aspects
  • Internship opportunities at prominent and famous accounting offices.

Career Opportunities

Developments in the accounting profession require us to keep accounting related information in an electronic environment. Qualified professionals who possess the skills to carry out accounting processes in an electronic environment are in great demand in the professional arena.

Contact Information

Tel: +90 392 630 1245
Fax: +90 392 365 1574