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Student Council

Operating under the Vice Rector's Office for Student Affairs, Eastern Mediterranean University Student Council is a non-profit and non-political organisation aiming to cater for students' educational, cultural and research as well as health and sports-related needs and demands.

Faculty, school and Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School representatives are determined through elections. Elected representatives, then, choose the faculty representatives, again through the method of election. A representative from international students is also elected and EMU Student Executive Board is formed, accordingly.

The mission of the Student Council Executive Board is to conduct solution-targeted research and evaluation regarding education, research and student services, present the findings to the relevant units and observe the implementation of solution-targeted actions. The aforesaid Board is also responsible for communicating student problems, views and opinions to primarily to the Rector's Office and other administrative organs of the university, representing the students via the chair or vice chair in Senate or University Executive Board meetings without voting rights, coordinating the operations and activities of the Student Council Executive Board and all student representatives with the University and, if necessary, receiving the approval of the university for certain areas of practice and carrying out all operations in accordance with the TRNC constitution and other regulations in effect.

Name Surname Duty Department Faculty
Mustafa Kırılmaz President Architecture Faculty of Architecture
Selim Can Harbiyeci Vice President Cinema and Television Faculty of Communication
Mecde Çelen General Secretary Nutrition and Dietetics Faculty of Health Sciences
Süleyman Salih Arık Accounting Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Faculty of Education
Görkem Rallas Disciplinary Committee Officer Business Faculty of Business and Economics
Marwan Nezar Ibrahim Member Civil Engineering Faculty of Engineering
Özde Buda Member Medicine Faculty of Medicine
Türkan Sinem Sadıç Member Law Faculty of Law
Osman Ersoy Bakal Member Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Faculty of Tourism
Melike Yeşilyurt Member Psychology Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Yousef Mohamed M.Abdelaa Member Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmacy
Muhammed Taha Boşnak Member Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School
Helin Karol Member Dentistry Faculty of Dentistry
Siarash Pourhossein Member Pharmacy Foreign Student Representative