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Architecture Undergraduate Program (B.Arch., 4 Years)

General Information

The four-year integrative curriculum of the Department has been designed with an understanding that it gives opportunities to students to evaluate the built environment, design, and build in modern project studios. The department offers a flexible and frequently updated timetable which enables the students to take elective courses from different departments as well as their own department. The main focus of the educational approach is on the architectural design studio augmented by professional theory courses. The interactive studio, as the proper arena for critical thinking, provides a milieu for addressing social, technical and environmental issues around an architectural project, through the re-creation and discussion of the spatial dimension of the built environment. The department continuously pursues opportunities for national and international accreditation and has been granted MIAK (Architecture Accreditation Board) accreditation for six years. Being the 4th program which has successfully gained international accreditation over 60 architecture programs both in Northern Cyprus and throughout Turkey, Eastern Mediterranean University Architecture program takes pride in being the one and only program among foundation universities which has received international accreditation for a period of six years.


MİAK: Mimarlık Akreditasyon Kurulu

NAAB: National Architectural Accrediting Board


Department of Architecture offers a learning environment with a contemporary approach to education for young people of diverse cultural backgrounds. The aim is to provide opportunities for future architects to be equipped with necessary knowledge and skills to cope with rapid global changes, to react rationally as well as creatively to contemporary issues in architecture, its problems and challenges, within an interdisciplinary approach to education through its distinguished academic infrastructure. The graduates are expected to contribute to the improvement of quality of life as dynamic individuals with a high sense of responsibility and leadership, capable of assuming central roles in teamwork - a global reality of our day.


EMU’s Main Library houses a wide collection of books and periodicals related to art and architecture. The Department also maintains a special library containing a wide range of architectural periodicals and books. There are three well-equipped CAD labs and a material, an environment, a model and photography laboratories at the students’ service. Additionally, Design and Research Center (TASAR), Urban Research and Development Center (Kent-AG) and Housing Education Research and Advisory Center (HERA-C) are among the educational and research facilities which the students make use of.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Department of Architecture who have the privilege of being a graduate of an institution with EAAE membership find opportunities for work in public or private institutions, or work as freelance architects. Some get into the type of work concerning a wide range of functions from designing shop-windows or fair stands, to more implementation oriented work in construction firms. Others take up post-graduate studies either at EMU and universities in Turkey, or other universities in Europe or the U.S.A. and pursue academic work successfully.


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