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Visual Communication Design Undergraduate Program (B.A., 4 Years)

With the progression and the convergence of the communication discipline with computer sciences, multimedia has developed rapidly, and as a result multimedia studies has become a whole new area in Communication Studies. The aim of the Department is both to develop students’ knowledge of design and production with practical work built on an artistic background, and to motivate students to criticize messages, tools and media in an artistic, cultural and social context.

General Information

Visual Arts and Communication Design program is a four-year program which consists of 36 courses with a total of 125 credit hours. Students are required to take 5 compulsory courses from Faculty of Communication, 3 university electives and 7 area elective courses to be determined by them. Because the field of visual communication design is quite a broad one, the Department divided the program into three branches, namely graphic design, web design, and animation graphics. Students are also offered the opportunity to apply theory into practice through photography, experimental film, video and audio design courses as well as in the TV studio (EMU-TV). At the end of the four-year undergraduate program, students may continue their studies through the non-thesis postgraduate program offered by the Visual Arts and Communication Design Department.


The Department aims to bring artistic and technical education/creativity together with the advantages of the communication field’s interdisciplinary qualities. With reference to the course program, the department aims at developing a student profile who can produce unique and high quality work/projects using digital media in special fields such as TV, video, cinema, animation by transforming new and recent communication technologies into a creative/artistic process; has an ethical responsibility; and is able to analyze any work mentioned above including the offered core theoretical courses. Therefore, the distinction of the Faculty of Communication’s Department of VACD is to graduate students who have multidimensional and completing skills, as well as ones who are able to cope with the intensity of the interdisciplinary field.


The Department mainly uses the basic design workshops and computer labs structured for multimedia and graphic design, and are supported by animation/video design labs and photography studios. The program offers opportunities to the other departments of the faculty and the university, while using the faculty’s television studios, audio studios, editing suites and video equipment. The program also helps students interact with other disciplines, mostly radio, film, TV, advertising, PR and journalism to familiarize them with the multidisciplinary structure of communications.

Career Opportunities

The students who complete the Visual Arts and Communication Design Program, with their multidisciplinary and creative background as well as their skills regarding recent communication technologies, may work in many areas related to the field of communications. The graduates may have opportunities to work as designers in multimedia, animation, graphic or sound design companies, develop web sites, work in camera or editing teams at production houses, design interactive CDs or DVDs, work as professional photographers, and creative art directors at advertising agencies. Also, the students have the opportunity to be part of the academic field.


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