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Early Childhood Education Master's Program (Turkish without Thesis) (M.Ed., 1 - 1.5 Years)

This program offers postgraduate level study opportunities for Pre-school Education Undergraduate Program graduates. The medium of instruction is Turkish.

The program aims to provide opportunities for students, sharpening their expertise in the field through delivery of courses on monitoring and evaluating the development in the areas related to the pre-school field, educational management, theory and approaches. Along with core courses, students are offered various elective courses in line with their area of interest.

Admission Requirements

Student admissions to the program for which four-year undergraduate program graduates (applicants who have graduated from a different field than Pre-School Teacher Education are expected to take deficiency courses) may apply in accordance with the Regulations for Admissions and Registration to Graduate Programs appearing under the By-law for the Foundation, Operation and Working Principles of the Eastern Mediterranean University Institute for Graduate Studies and Research.

Research Interests

Early Childhood Education, Program Development, Measurement and Evaluation, Instructor and Faculty Member Professional Development and Special Education.


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