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Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Undergraduate Program (Pharm.D., 6 Years)

Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Pharmacy started offering education at the beginning of the 2011-2012 Academic Year. The medium of instruction is English in the 5-year program which is composed of 10 semesters excluding the English Preparatory School. The Faculty also offers a 6-year Pharm.D. program.

General Information

The fundamental mission of the Eastern Mediterranean University Pharmacy Faculty is to graduate qualified pharmacists and scientists who have conceived the principles and ethical concepts of pharmacy as a profession and who are equipped with high level fit-out at international standards to serve as first-step health advisors in the community. The Faculty also aims to contribute to the scientific research both locally and globally, to use the obtained knowledge for the benefit of the community and, last but not least, to become the best and the most respected faculty of pharmacy within our region by passing on knowledge necessary for obtaining employment in international drug industry and the other branches of this profession.

Our vision as Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Pharmacy is to grow qualified and conscientious professionals who work in line with universal criteria of pharmacy profession, show respect towards their profession, work towards the benefit of the society, possess analytical thinking and work effectively in a team in the scope of pharmaceutical sciences and community health.


PCN: Pharmacists Council of Nigeria


Putting considerable focus on laboratory applications, Eastern Mediterranean University Pharmacy Faculty consists of the following departments and units:

Department of Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Botany Department – Department of Pharmacology - Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Department of Pharmaceutical Toxicology - Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

During the 5-year program, in order to graduate, students are required to perform their internship practice in the areas of pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and industrial pharmacy for a minimum period of 6 months.


Having been designed in accordance with the program requirements and objectives, laboratories housed by EMU Pharmacy Faculty contain the latest technical and physical features and provide educational and research-related services. The labs can cater for 270 students at the same time. The program also offers an independent microscopy lab for students’ individual use. Each lab contains a smart board creating a productive educational environment for students.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program may work in pharmacies, hospitals, medicine industry, research and development laboratories, medicine and medical equipment companies and any other equivalent establishments. They may also work in the cosmetics industry, thanks to the in-depth information they received from courses on cosmetology.


Tel: +90 392 630 2401
Fax: +90 392 365 2819