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Urban Archaeology and Management of Cultural Heritage Master's Program (Turkish without Thesis) (M.A., 1 - 1.5 Years)

General Information

Urban Archeology and Cultural Heritage Management not only determines the formation and transformation processes of cities with archaeological excavation methods, but also ensures that the emerging data is studied in order to bring the city to the desired state without negatively altering its current functioning and life and, thus, to contribute to its sustainability for the benefit of the city.

The Urban Archeology and Cultural Heritage Master's Program is carried out under EMU Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, in collaboration with the Architecture Department of the Faculty of Architecture. It incorporates the entirety of the applications to be made for the research and protection of the archaeological cultural assets unearthed in the urban settlements and for their integration to the identity of the settlement area. Therefore, the urban archeology and cultural heritage management program covers a process in which the parties that have a say for the life of the city and its future work together with the collaborative work of archaeologists as well as urban planning, architecture and urban conservation and restoration specialists. This program is a combination of archeology, architecture, restoration-conservation, urban planning sciences and cultural heritage management.

Urban Archeology and Cultural Heritage Management Master's Program provides theoretical knowledge and application opportunities in archeology, architecture and urban conservation, restoration and urban planning. It is designed to creatively develop the research, documentation and theory development skills as well as the perspectives of students, namely prospective “Scientists”, in their studies of Urban Archeology and Cultural Heritage Management. The program aims to carry out studies in archeology and cultural heritage management with interrelated or separate content.

Graduates of EMU Urban Archeology and Cultural Heritage Management Master's Program will be referred to as "Urban Archeology and Cultural Heritage Management Specialists".

Having the quality of being the first of its kind in Cyprus and Turkey, the Republic of Turkey (TR) Higher Education Council and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ (TRNC) Higher Education Planning Evaluation Accreditation and Coordination Council (YÖDAK) approved Urban Archeology and Cultural Heritage Management Master's Program offers opportunities for research and scientific work and quality services to the society at a national and international level in EMU, a high quality institution of higher education which boasts memberships in the European University Association (EUA) and the International Association of Universities (IAU).

Career Opportunities

After graduating from the program, candidates can apply for a Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) within the scope of another department, as well as work in the TRNC Department of Antiquities and Museums, relevant museums, excavations and restoration units. Graduates will also be able to work in State Highways Department, Environmental Protection Department, City Planning and Tourism Planning Departments of the state. Graduates will also have the opportunity to provide consultancy services to the bi-communal Cultural Heritage Technical Committee working under the TRNC Presidency. In addition to these, graduates who have a Bachelor's degree in Social Studies Teaching will be qualified to undertake duties in Cultural Heritage studies under the Ministry of Education.

Graduates will also have the opportunity to serve in a wide range of institutions and organizations in museums affiliated to the General Directorate of the Museums and Monuments of the Republic of Turkey, at cultural and natural heritage protection institutes or private museums, the Mine Research and Exploration Institute operating under the General Directorate of Foundations, the Highways General Directorate and Ministry of Tourism.

Admission Conditions

Students applying to postgraduate programs are expected to fulfil all requirements set by the “Eastern Mediterranean University Graduate Programs, Registration and Admission Regulations”, including exams and interviews. Candidates who wish to enroll in the Master's Program (MA) in Urban Archeology and Cultural Heritage Management (MA) should have an undergraduate degree in Archeology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Art History, Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Property, History, History Teaching, Social Studies Teaching, Architecture, Interior Architecture or other equivalent fields. In addition to the documents specified in the application form, the Department of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences requires the following documents during the application:

  • CV
  • Reference Letter,
  • A copy of the most recent diploma,
  • Diploma transcript/s,
  • Letter of Intent (In this document, the purpose and reasons for enrolling in the program should be stated)

Research Areas

The program covers the following research areas: Approaches to Urban Archeology and Analytic Interpretation Techniques, Architectural Building Systems and Development, Archaeological Artifact Research and Practice, Theory of Conservation and Historical, Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability, Turkish Archeology and History of Civilization, City and Urbanization Process Urbanization and Archeology of the State Society, Turkish -Islamic Archeology and Examples of Urban Architecture, Mediterranean Civilization in the Light of Cyprus Archeology, Legal Administrative Legislation in Urban and Environmental Protection, Geographical Information Systems, and Museum Studies and Applications.


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