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Water and Marine Sciences Research Center (SUDEM)

The Research Center for Water and Marine Sciences (SUDEM) is an interdisciplinary research and public service establishment of the Faculty of Engineering, Eastern Mediterranean University. It was established in April 1997 by the University’s Board of Executive to promote and encourage research in all aspects of water and sea related problems and to serve as the main water-sea research contact between the University, Government and Industry. Prof. Dr. Ali Günyakti was appointed the founder – director in June 1998.

Cyprus is a semiarid island having shortage of freshwater. Mediterranean climate prevails over the country. Thus, the annual precipitation (accumulated in 4-5 months between November and March) is less than the consumptive use of plants. It is dry and hot during summer months. The surface water resources are scare and not important while the main groundwater resources in coastal aquifers are contaminated heavily by sea water intrusion. Many small aquifers along Besparmak Mountains leak freshwater to the sea. The recharge of the main aquifers is not effective due to the deep vadose zone and less intensive precipitation over the country. The shortage of freshwater has become one of the main economic and social problems of North Cyprus since 1960’s. Unfortunately, the data on national (basin wise) water resources are not enough and need further intensive researches.

A major share of the world’s marine fisheries is obtained from coastal waters and estuaries. The seas provide half or more of the animal protein consumed by over two billion people worldwide. The concentrated found at a marine disposal point can have a serious impact on these essential resources. The waste disposal in the marine environment may create physical, chemical and biological effects. Beaches are contaminated with sewage and other filth, and fish productivity has dropped to almost zero. The public has become increasingly aware of marine pollution and its consequences in the past decades. Marine scientists try to determine the safe assimilatory capacity of the sea in order to establish the criteria for the self-cleansing ability of seas. Otherwise catastrophic, and possibly permanent, damages may result.

Presently a project titled "Master planning of the national harbors and coastal areas” is under study. The following subjects will be studied:

  • Measurement of currents, wave and sediment characteristics along our coast,
  • Establishing discharge measuring stations along streams in North Cyprus,
  • Study of natural water resources in detail and establishing criteria against pollution,
  • Establishing a pilot project for fish breeding, and
  • Establishing an academic unit in EMU to make research and to provide know-how for local fisherman.

Prof. Dr. Ali Günyaktı (Director)


Water and Marine Sciences Research Center (SUDEM),

Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey

Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Umut TÜRKER
(+90) 392 630 1236
Fax: (+90) 392