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Department of Mathematics and Science Education

Faculty of Education

Department of Mathematics and Science Education is a department which aims to educate teachers for institutions at elementary level. The department runs Elementary School Mathematics Teacher Education Program.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. HAMİD CANER

Vice Chair(s):

It is of utmost importance for the department to educate highly qualified teacher candidates who are competent in their profession, have ethical values and contemporary qualities of the intellectual individual. Therefore, in addition to area specific and professional development courses, there are also various elective courses offered in the department. Moreover, apart from courses, students can also participate in various social and scientific activities organized for them.

The medium of instruction is Turkish in the program. However, there are opportunities for students to achieve a high level of proficiency in a foreign language as well.

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduates gain qualified teacher status who are entitled to work in public and private schools as well as in private tutoring instututions as subject teachers.


Department of Mathematics and Science Education
Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Socrates Street
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, North Cyprus
Mersin 10 Turkey

Tel: +90 392 630 3019
Fax: +90 392 365 4038