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Department of Civil Engineering

Our Mission

To generate knowledge at international level, to help spread the usage of this knowledge in all scientific and technological areas, and to train the civil engineers of the 21st century equipped with all the talents, with the ability to think, to create, to be sensitive to all innovative ideas, environmental and social issues, and who have a very good command of the English language as well as computer literacy.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. ERİŞ UYGAR

Vice Chair(s):
Assoc. Prof. Dr. TOLGA ÇELİK

Departmental Facilities

The undergraduate curriculum is designed to match the highest standards of similar institutions abroad. In order to be successful in the department, one must have an interest and be creative in subjects like mathematics, engineering, computer and the environment.

Sophisticated and well-equipped laboratories play a major role in the professional and practical development of our students. Engineering Economy, Construction Technology and Management and Structural Design are among the courses offered during the second half of the curriculum to help students get prepared for professional-life.

The purpose of the graduate programs is to provide qualified students with further education opportunities in various civil engineering fields at an advanced level.


Distinguishing Attributes

EMU is located near the sea in the small historical town Famagusta suitable for student life. Laboratories are well equipped and students can receive individual assistance and attention from the instructors in carrying out tests or field exercises.

Computer usage and internet facilities are in abundance. Transportation involves short distances since dormitories are located within the campus. Students feel free to receive individual help for their personal or academic problems outside class-hours. Faculty members of the department believe that creating an interest in the subject is as important as or even more important than teaching something. Students are brought up to be able to use their engineering common sense in their professional-life.

Quality of Graduates

Our department has been founded with the aim to develop individual talent, initiative, and creativity and create an up-to-date awareness of new technologies in the field of civil engineering. In order to be successful in the department, one must have an interest and be creative in subjects like mathematics, engineering, computer and the environment. The graduates of our department are the ones who can create the masterpieces of construction. As the medium of instruction is English and the graduate and undergraduate programs have received international recognition, our graduates have job opportunities not only in their own countries but also elsewhere around the world as well.

Career Opportunities

As the medium of instruction is English, graduates would have job opportunities wherever they go. Education in civil engineering will give the students the skills, information, and experience to be able to work in different fields. Today civil engineers may work in consulting firms, contractor's offices, or in the public sector. Civil Engineers are quite successful in administrative positions, therefore, in developed countries they are highly sought after in government offices.

Some of our graduates and postgraduates are pursuing their education in reputable universities in different countries while the others have found jobs in well-established firms and institutions.


Department of Civil Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering, Albert Einstein Street
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, North Cyprus
Mersin 10 Turkey

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