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Gender Studies Master's Program (Turkish with Thesis) (M.A., 1 - 2 Years)

"Gender Studies" MA program which is working in cooperation with Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Center for Women’s Studies and Faculty of Business and Economics Department of Economics does not include any similar or alternative to other universities in the TRNC. In this context, "Gender Studies" is an interdisciplinary graduate program which can bring together the graduates of science branches such as History, Geography, Literature, Architecture, Economy, Media, Music, Health, Law, Engineering, Sociology and Educational Sciences etc. This feature allows the program to accept a wide range of students. With the growing awareness of gender equality, gender and women's issues in society, the program has a flexible structure that can be shaped by those who want to work in this area, enabling them to develop different studies on gender studies at local, national and global scale. The general framework of the "Gender Studies" graduate program is to undertake deep, competent work in the field of gender. This program, which is able to carry out field research related to many social and science fields, aims to train graduates who are considering becoming career experts in many international or national institutions, as well as academicians and researchers in the gender field.

The program is also in line with the researches and activities carried out by the EMU Center for Women's Studies and will be supported by congresses, workshops and its own international journal (Kadın / Woman 2000 Journal for Women's Studies).

Admission Requirements

Applications to the Master program are accepted twice a year, prior to the beginning of each semester. Applicants are expected to satisfy general admission requirements of the Institute. In general, students who wish to pursue a given graduate program, but have completed a BA/BS in another field may be admitted to the program, subject to successfully completing selected prerequisite courses from the related department.

English language test results (TOFEL-IBT 79, IELTS 6.5, YDS/UDS 66 or EMU English Language Test) and for Turkish citizen applicants have to obtain min 55 points from ALES exam for Masters Candidates. Those students whose 4-year university education is in English medium are not required to sit for the English proficiency examination. Bachelor's degree requirements for Master's level program are as specified in the program descriptions below.

Prospective applicants are required to fill out an application form available at the Registrar's Office, and submit the completed form, together with a letter of reference and an official transcript of all graduate and undergraduate coursework completed up to the time of application. Candidates, who are not citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or the Republic of Turkey, are required in addition to submit a document of financial guarantee showing that sufficient funds are available for tuition and living expenses.

Research Interests

Because the program has an interdisciplinary structure, it makes a difference between other programs. The program educates students in the field of woman issues and gender studies, contributing to the establishment of an established and respected interdisciplinary field of women's studies in academia through the preparation of master's theses. It provides counseling or expertise in the prevention of human rights violations against women and the passing of research, education, policy development and implementation projects aimed at ensuring gender equality. Also offers special training for managers, experts and practitioners of policies, plans and projects aimed at resolving women's problems and placing gender equality in public policies. It also supports the search for resources of gender inequality and the research that will serve to improve the solutions.


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