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International Trade and Business Undergraduate Program (B.S., 4 Years)

The International Trade and Finance program aims to bring up qualified and well-informed professionals who have specialised in international trade and international business. Program graduates speak English at an advanced level as the medium of instruction is English. As well as English, the program offers at least one more foreign language. The International Trade and Finance program in Turkish, on the other hand, is intensively supported by English courses preparing the students for their profession at the international environment.

International Trade and Business program students graduate as individuals well-informed about the latest developments in computers and all other technological areas. Among the general aims of the program are training the students in expressing themselves at ease, taking initiative, and becoming creative. The Program has been designed with the belief that only well-educated and self-confident individuals can be employed as administrators at the global environment and that only qualified administrators can develop companies effectively.

General Information

The graduates of International Trade and Business are in great demand in the process of globalization. Turkey is at the beginning of its integration with the rest of the world. In her quest, she needs young people who are in command of few languages and who can easily perform in different cultural settings and countries. The graduates of the Program are valued very highly in the market, because many businesses in the region are planning to cooperate with foreign firms and they need personnel to accomplish this goal.


FIBAA: Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation
Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation


The program is designed to prepare the students for trade and business environment in different countries. Program graduates can easily pursue employment opportunities in different countries where different cultures exist. School of Business and Finance offers International Trade and Business studies in English and Turkish as two separate programs.


  • Classes with up-to-date technological possibilities.
  • Extensive computer facilities and Internet access.
  • Student clubs for various interests.
  • Personal academic advisor for each student.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of International Trade and Business Program have a wide spectrum of employment possibilities. Private, public and state institutions who wish to establish economic, political, social and cultural relations at the international level are looking for people with a degree in this Program. Naturally, companies involved in the import-export business or made investments in foreign countries also create employment opportunities for program graduates. The graduates may also start their own firms or work for their family firms bringing all the new knowledge and technology to improve the performance of these firms. Moreover, public offices responsible for international trade and business are additional employment opportunities for the graduates of the Program.


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