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Construction and Technical Drawing Technologies Technician Program (Turkish) (H.D.C.T.D.T., 3 Years)

General Information

The curriculum of the Computer Aided Technical Drawing Associate Program puts special focus on application and field practice. Students will graduate with advanced CAD skills by training on the most current CAD software. Hence, 20% of the course content is based on theory while 80% is application which provides the students with sectoral experience sharpening students knowledge in the field of construction. Students learn the technical and managerial skills necessary for advancement in the industry.

Program Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • be prepared for profession in the Construction area as it applies to construction site applications, static and architectural plan drawing, topographic survey applications, and construction of materials knowledge.
  • develop skills for effective verbal and written communication, and for participating effectively in the execution projects, and to foster professional attitudes and awareness of the benefits of life-long learning.
  • provide a learning environment that is based on open interaction with experienced staff and a curriculum that follows the developments in Construction area with practical knowledge compatible with business requirements.
  • The main objective of the third year is to give chance to the students to make more real life applications and integrate to the industry. With the help of this long training course some of the students are employed by the same company.


Graduates of the two-year Computer Aided Technical Drawing Associate Program possess the following skills and qualities:

  • Advanced computer skills;
  • Manual and Auto-CAD technical drawing skills;
  • Architectural drawing;
  • Engineering drawing;
  • 3D drawing;
  • Model making;
  • Acting as construction managers;
  • Land measuring skills and using land measuring tools effectively;
  • Building quantity and analysis report preparation;
  • Conducting experiments regarding construction materials in construction laboratory;
  • Road construction and parcellation work;
  • Possessing extensive knowledge on construction materials.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Computer Aided Technical Drawing Associate Program are in high demand in the construction companies. They may pursue employment opportunities as worksite managers, construction technicians, project developers through classical methods or AutoCAD, building analysis report developers, construction laboratory technician in state or private schools, road construction and parcellation services manager.


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