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First and Emergency Aid Associate Program (Turkish) (A.D., 2 Years)

The fundamental aim of the First and Emergency Aid Associate Program is to cater for the increasing demand for the qualified first and emergency aid workforce delivering services in cases requiring emergency intervention to patients or the injured within the operations of the first and emergency aid units of various health institutions.

General Information

The mission of the First and Emergency Aid program is to graduate well-informed health professionals who have the ability to foresee possible problems in health services, conduct research, produce information and set samples in their field, both at national and international levels. The program caters for the demand for qualified health professionals who possess information and skills in delivering first and emergency aid services.


Our program receives professional support from prominent academicians at various institutions in Turkey. The program has been designed in such a way that elements such as analysing, tackling problems, reaching conclusions, thinking creatively and critically, working in a team and communicating effectively have been integrated with the course content. A number of collaboration protocols have also been made with different institutions to provide our students with internship opportunities.


Students of the First and Emergency Aid Program may benefit from computer laboratories with strong internet connections. Students are also given the privilege of benefitting from the Eastern Mediterranean University Library which is equipped with modern facilities, equipment and databases. Our University also provides an array of recreational opportunities for our students in the form of social, cultural and sports activities.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates may pursue employment opportunities as technicians at the emergency units of the state and private hospitals and ambulance services.


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Fax: +90 392 365 3940