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Quality Policy

Our quality policy; is to provide higher education services, in a healthy educational environment and to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders by constantly improving our quality management system and services through using technological innovations, evaluating risks, turning the threats created by risks into opportunities and abiding by legal conditions with a consideration of the student satisfaction and with the support of the competent personnel.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Our Occupational Health and Safety policy in our higher education and all other services we offer is to;

  • Determine the circumstances endangering the health and safety of our students, personnel and all our stakeholders and, minimize such risks by taking the necessary precautions,
  • Improve and continuously increase the level of awareness regarding the occupational health and safety,
  • Create and maintain a safe campus environment for everyone by enabling them to carry out their work in an environment in accordance with the legal regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety in force.