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Interior Architecture Undergraduate Program (Turkish) (B.Int.Arch., 4 Years)

Interior Architecture is a multilateral specialized profession that addresses the interior space design of the built environment. Aim of the Department of Interior Architecture is to train the young candidates, fully equipped with knowledge, to contribute to the creation of a better environment for human beings. In changing and developing design world, responsibilities of interior architects cover a wide range of duties, including spatial analysis; design decisions; project preparation; material selection and detailing; modeling; presentation; production; and application issues. Interior architects also deal with color, texture, natural and artificial light, sound, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, furniture, and the like.

General Information

Faculty of Architecture offers two separate Interior Architecture programs which are in English and Turkish. During the four-year undergraduate program, studio and theoretical courses aim to educate and graduate well-equipped interior designers. Our department offers an education that covers the design process as a whole, from analysis to application supported by the theoretical courses. Teamwork, as well as verbal and visual presentation techniques including 3D animations, is experienced by the students to increase their self-confidence and prepare them for the professional life. The four departments of Faculty of Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture, Department of Architecture, Department of Industrial Products Design, Department of Urban Planning and Landscape, work in collaboration with each other to provide the students of the faculty with a wide variety of area electives where they can specialize through certain streamlines.


AQAS: Agency for Quality Assurance through Accreditation of Study Programs

CIDA: Council for Interior Design Accreditation


Interior Architecture program focuses primarily on creativity which plays a vital role in creating a comfortable, caring, friendly and welcoming atmosphere supported by artistic-academic-social activities. These objectives are expected to enable students to have an outlook on life that will enable them to approach issues from different perspectives.


Well-equipped studios, classes, wireless internet facilities, well stocked central library and faculty library as well as photography, model, computer, ceramic, and material laboratories enable students to get the maximum benefit from this education. There is a constant increase in the number of our students, but this does not prevent individual attention to be given to each of our students; thus the warmth in the student-academic staff relationships encourage students to discuss their personal ideas freely increasing their creativity.

Career Opportunities

Interior architects can work at design studios or architectural offices with a team consisting of an architect, interior architect, civil engineer and other related professions. Showrooms, fairs, exhibitions, bazaars, stage-screens, yacht, plane, and furniture designs are some of the opportunities. The graduates have the chance to become designer or production controller in a modular design or furniture design firm. Graduates of the Department will have the advantage of being the alumni of a Faculty which is a full member of EAAE (European Association for Architectural Education), an academic institution consisting mainly of countries of the European Union, and the Turkish Higher Education Board (YÖK).


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