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Construction Technology Associate Program (Turkish) (A.C.T., 2 Years)

The mission of the Construction Technology Associate Degree Program is to bring up qualified workforce able to use the latest technology in all activities regarding the construction sector.

General Information

The curriculum of the Construction Technology Associate Program puts special focus on application and field practice. Hence, 40% of the course content is based on theory while 60% is application which provides the students with sectoral experience sharpening students’ knowledge in the field of construction technology. Students are given the opportunity of choosing their project topics according to their area of interest.


ASIIN: Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Graduates of the two-year Construction Technology Associate Program possess the following skills and qualities:

  • Advanced computer skills;
  • Manual and Auto-CAD drawing skills;
  • Putting architectural and static projects into application;
  • Acting as construction managers;
  • Land measuring skills and using land measuring tools effectively;
  • Building quantity and analysis report preparation;
  • Conducting experiments regarding construction materials in construction labs;
  • Road construction and parcellation work
  • Possessing extensive knowledge on construction materials


The program offers up-to-date laboratories equipped with the latest technological features for its students:

  • Computer Laboratory: Basic computer courses and computer application courses laboratories offer a fully-equipped computer for each student.
  • Auto-CAD Laboratory: Students can draw bi-dimensional and three dimensional maps through the Auto-CAD software program.
  • Drawing Laboratory: Students gain experience on the classical drawing methods in this lab.
  • Topography Laboratory: Basic measuring tools; meter, range pole, range pole tripod, plumb, prism etc…
  • Leveling Tools: Levels, rods, etc…
  • Theodolites ;
  • Tachymeters;
  • DTM 801 Land Station ;

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Construction Technology Associate Program are in high demand in the construction sector. They may pursue employment opportunities as worksite managers, construction technicians, project developers through classical methods or Auto CAD, land measurement and mapping staff, building analysis report developers, construction laboratory technician in state or private schools and road construction and parcellation services manager.


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