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English Language Teaching Master's Program (without Thesis) (M.A., 1 - 1.5 Years)

The ELT Department has well-established programs of postgraduate study. Over the past decades the department has served as an academic advisory and training centre for English language teachers at EMU as well as in the local education system. The MA graduate program in ELT is designed to provide candidates with academic background and thorough training in the theory and practice in English language teaching. MA candidates are required to take 10 courses, and submit a Project in order to complete their MA studies in ELT.

Admission Requirements

Candidates for admission to the ELT graduate programs should have a B.A. degree in a relevant discipline. All candidates must meet the admission requirements of the Institute of Graduate studies and Research of the university.

Research Interests

Action Research, Borrowings, Classroom Research, Corpus Analysis, Discourse Analysis, English Language Teaching Methodology, Individual Learner Characteristics, Language Anxiety, Language and Culture, Language and Globalization, Language and Identity, Language and Society, Language Planning, Language Policy, Language Programme Evaluation and Design, Language Testing and Evaluation, Learner Beliefs, Linguistic Landscape, Materials Development, Motivation, Multiple Intelligences in ELT, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Sociology of Language, Strategic Language Learning, Teacher Education, Teaching English to Young Learners, Teaching Language Skills and Lexico-Grammar.


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