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International Finance Undergraduate Program (B.S., 4 Years)

International Finance undergraduate program offers finance courses supported by information technologies and is fully committed to strengthen the foundation of students in subjects such as foreign currency policies and international accounting in order to enable them to serve at important positions at international institutions and centers. Upon completing their studies, graduates of the International Finance program who are equipped with a good command of English language, confidence in expressing of their ideas effectively, high analytical abilities, and effective presentation skills can easily pursue employment opportunities at the banking and finance sectors.

General Information

The fundamental aim of the International Finance undergraduate program is to offer solid foundation in global financial sectors, Internet banking, currency policies and international accounting. Upon completing their studies, program graduates may undertake employment opportunities at international finance sectors and centers.


FIBAA: Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation
Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation


Students of the Department of International Finance graduate with the ability to transform the theoretical knowledge obtained throughout their studies into practice. Furthermore, students learn to utilize rapidly developing information technologies widely used by the banking and finance sector prior to graduation. Our students can easily find jobs in international banking and finance corporations and get promotion in a very short time. The success of our graduates in their professional lives in Turkey and other countries is a clear evidence of the level of our education.


The Department of International Finance offers modern teaching facilities such as a computer laboratory with internet connections and a Reuters terminal, all providing an opportunity for students to follow the latest developments in the capital markets and finance sector worldwide. Furthermore, at the end of their third year, students undertake an internship in a financial institution. This practical training provides students with a link between their academic training and its application in business. EMU provides scholarships for high honor and honor students after the second semester of their studies.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Department have excellent job opportunities in the financial sector as well as in other sectors. Their extensive knowledge in technical finance, outstanding computer skills and strong command of the English Language make our graduates very attractive to businesses in the private and public sectors. Some of the businesses where our alumni have found employment are banks, financial companies, stock exchange, accounting offices, insurance companies, consulting companies, administrative positions in the financial sector and universities.


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