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Traffic Education and Research Center


  • Assist the foreign EMU students, academic and administrative staff to adapt to the traffic rules and regulations in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) by offering educational seminars;
  • Conduct research, organize symposium, congress and conferences on traffic problems;
  • Increase the awareness of people living in North Cyprus about the importance of traffic;
  • Establish links with organizations working on traffic safety, both in North Cyprus and abroad.

Fields of Activity

  • Traffic education at primary schools
  • Publish and distribute information pamphlets on road infrastructure improvements on the university campus.
  • Provide consultation to government agencies on traffic safety issues.
  • Proposal for the establishment of the National Traffic Safety Program
  • Perform road safety audit both on National road network and on EMU campus road network.
  • Collaboration with University of Texas at Austin, including technical visits in 2001, 2003 and 2010.
  • Conducted opinion survey of the traveling public throughout TRNC in 2003
  • Conducted workshop on traffic engineering for practicing civil engineers
  • Performed a joint public traffic safety campaign with State Milk Industries (KOOP SÜT)
  • Actively involved in the review of the traffic fines code of the government
  • Established traffic simulation laboratory at EMU for undergraduate education
  • Prepared a book section for “Civil Engineering Heritage in Europe” about the Cyprus Government Railways which operated between 1905 and 1951.
  • Study towards the incorporation of visual material in traffic safety education.
  • Collaborated on students “Traffic Safety with English” class projects of English Language Teaching Department of Faculty of Education at EMU.


Traffic Education and Research Center,

Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey

Chair: Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kunt
(+90) 392 630 2353