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Economic Research Center


  • To undertake research at home and abroad so as to contribute to the development of economic science, and to provide guidelines in this area to public and private organizations;
  • To provide research opportunity for researchers in the Department, in general to assist doctoral students, and in special cases Master students, in their designated research topics/fields.
  • To reach its objectives, the Center will implement the following activities:
  • To undertake, facilitate, organize and/or support research, analysis, development and perform similar studies, directly or indirectly, to offer courses within the university or outside, and organize seminars and conferences, subject to legal requirements,

It publishes studies based on its activities to undertake research required by public and private organizations subject to approval of the Executive Board,

To undertake joint research in collaboration with University and non-university partners, to maintain a special library pertinent to its mission.


Economic Research Center,

Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, 99628, North Cyprus
Mersin 10, Turkey

Director: Assist. Prof. Dr. Yenal Süreç
(+90) 392 630 2396