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Marketing Undergraduate Program (B.S., 4 Years)

Marketing Management Program aims to produce well-informed graduates who possess in-depth marketing knowledge and skills as well as a solid foundation in business, all necessary in becoming successful in the global market. As the medium of instruction is English, Program graduates are equipped with skills in becoming successful in the global environment.

General Information

The Marketing program improves students’ analysis, synthesis and communication skills as well as turning them into creative and inquisitive individuals. Providing the students with computer and all other educational technologies, the Program is fully committed to bring up self-confident and inquisitive graduates who can express themselves without any difficulties.


FIBAA: Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation
Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation


The curriculum as well as course contents are continually revised and updated in the light of recent developments in the marketing management profession and the recommendations of the managers at the professional world. Theoretical knowledge and skills are taught in applied settings using case studies, team work, and project based methods aimed at facilitating learning through simulations of ‘real-life’ cases and contexts. Courses which involve computer technology are delivered in modern computer laboratories. The curriculum enables students to acquire knowledge and skills in a multitude of areas critical for developing perspective and knowledge as well as providing courses that lead to specialization in marketing. Staff at the department consists of successful and prominent academicians who have adopted student-centered learning as their teaching philosophy. Academic staff members at the Department not only possess numerous academic studies and projects published both nationally and internationally but also continuously contribute to the professional world with their extensive knowledge.


  • Classes with up-to-date technological possibilities.
  • Extensive computer facilities and Internet access.
  • Student clubs for various interests.
  • Personal academic advisor for each student.
  • Extensive library collections on human resources books, journals and databases.
  • Lectures and events that bring together students and professionals from the business world.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program will be in demand in countless private sector businesses as well as public sector and non-governmental organizations as the need to obtain customer satisfaction drives organizations to design and deliver products and services that match the consumers’ expectations ever more closely than before. Marketing is still a very important factor for public enterprises as well as a considerable number of private sector organizations. Marketing Management program aims to meet the need for qualified human source for both sectors.


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