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Public Relations and Advertising Undergraduate Program

Degree: B.A.
Duration (Years): 4
Medium of Instruction: English

General Information

Public Relations and Advertising Department has two programs. Students have the right to choose either the English program or the Turkish one. The English Program of the Public Relations and Advertising Department has 41 courses (122 credits). These courses are as follows: 12 faculty core courses, 3 university core courses, 3 university electives, 16 area core courses and 7 area electives. The area elective courses offered to the Public Relations and Advertising students will give them the opportunity to specialize in their particular field of interest. This could be either the Advertising field or the PR field or if the students want, then they can be specialized in both of these fields. In the Department both PR track and Advertising track are equally important and the students should have adequate knowledge about both tracks. The area elective courses are offered from the 5th semester onwards.


The program is designed to blend the theoretical foundations and the professional skills of the Public Relations and Advertising sectors. Some of the courses in the program are offered as university electives as well. Moreover, minor program opportunities are offered to the students in the other departments. In order to graduate from the program successfully each student has to complete an integrated marketing communications campaign and prepare a senior project.

The program internship is not compulsory yet the students are encouraged to take advantage of the Department’s industry contacts to arrange internship positions.


Students have the opportunity to perform all the phases of the marketing communications, public relations, advertising and marketing focused campaigns via Project Center and Genesis IMC Agency which are formed within the department, and which will distinguish them with professional experience and self-esteem as graduates. Project Center and Genesis IMC Agency provides workshops and conference opportunities by inviting sector and area expert guests throught the year. Besides highly strong theoretical base offerings the department also provides the chance to students to apply their theoretic knowledge through public relations, advertising, creativitiy and non-profit organizations oriented projects. Hence, students learn how to develop solutions to contingencies of public relations and advertising areas via using basic techniques and methodologies. Furthermore, students participate in national and international various contents with their projects and achieve successful standings in them.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Public Relations and Advertising Department are equipped to competently work in the public relations and advertising departments and publicity or promotion offices of both private firms and the public institutions, in their publicity offices, in the non-governmental organizations, and as communication consultants.

Many of our graduates have found jobs in quite respectable public relations and advertising firms, and in the public relations and advertising departments of public and private institutions. Students who get an education in public relations and advertising, which is one of the rising professions of the 21. Century, have a distinct advantage in finding jobs, compared to many other fields.

Contact Information

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Fax: +90 392 630 2317