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Department of Translation and Interpretation

The BA program in English Translation and Interpretation has been designed to prepare expert translators and interpreters to meet the present and future demands of translation and interpreting in the fields of law, economics, politics, diplomacy, the humanities, media, and the arts.

French is the third translation language besides English and Turkish, and the program also places a special emphasis on the role of technology in various aspects of translation and interpreting.

In the first three years of the program, all students take the same departmental classes, but in the fourth year, in order to specialize, the students attend Area Elective courses in either translation or interpreting.

Our Mission

Since 2005, our program offers a university education combined with professional training in a rich multicultural environment of a well-known international university with an emphasis on the role of technology in various aspects of translation and interpretation. Our mission is to prepare translators and interpreters who are acquainted with the necessary knowledge and skills required by the professions of translation and interpreting both in theory and practice. We are one of the few programs offering this highly effective education model, which continues to make a difference in the education and training of translators and interpreters.



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Distinguishing Attributes

Our program focuses on connecting the classroom and the workplace. Starting from the first year, students gain valuable hands-on practical interpretation and translation experience, as they acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills from certified practitioners in interpretation and translation.

Program Opportunities

EMU maintains a vibrant, residential campus environment that celebrates diversity and encourages cultural enrichment. Students from across the nation and more than 60 countries enjoy EMU's personalized attention and small class sizes.

In our laboratories, students get familiar with translation technology, and have the opportunity to learn and use various software programs for translation, dubbing and subtitling. Our laboratory for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting provides the environment for the development of interpreting skills, and on-site interpreting practice.

The internship agreements between our university and institutions including TRNC Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture, TRNC Ministry of Foreign Affairs and BRT (Bayrak Radio & Television) offer a variety of experiential learning experiences, and provide our students an environment where they can obtain practical hands-on training, increase their marketability upon graduation and establish professional work contacts for future networking opportunities.

Career Opportunities

The practical nature of this program provides students with an excellent basis for entry to a wide range of careers that include or require professional language use. Examples are: in-house or freelance translation and interpreting, public relations and media, tourism, international business, teaching, international diplomacy and governmental employment.

Alternatively, students may wish to use their qualification to undertake further study. Most of our previous students have been accepted to well-known universities' postgraduate programs.

Quality of Graduates

We have been training graduates who now enjoy successful careers in the translation and interpreting sector, as well as in journalism, publishing, teaching, banking, marketing, administration, and public relations. Our graduates are often offered contracts at international organizations such as the United Nations, European Commission and the European Union. Even undergraduates find it relatively easy to procure attractive freelance jobs.


Department of Translation and Interpretation
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