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Dialysis Associate Program (Turkish) (A.D., 2 Years)

The aim of the dialysis program is to bring up qualified health technicians who will provide services in the hospital dialysis units in the treatment of the illnesses requiring dialysis treatment. In line with the rapid changes in the medical technology, a growing demand for dialysis technicians has emerged. The program aims to graduate intermediate workforce needed in the dialysis treatment process of the individuals with kidney failure.

General Information

Having taken profession-related courses on anatomy, physiology, nephrology, dialysis, pathology, graduates of the dialysis associate degree program become qualified professionals who are equipped with up-to-date information and cultural awareness. Through effective research, teamwork and problem solving skills and importance given to human health and ethical principles, program graduates provide quality health services to the community both within the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey.


The program carries importance in catering for the growing demand for dialysis technicians both in the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey. Prominent academicians from the universities in the Republic of Turkey have agreed to contribute to the program both by providing consultancy and actively delivering courses.


  • The program has been developed upon strong academic and physical foundation.
  • Along with academic activities taking place throughout the academic year, students are provided with summer internship opportunities at well-known health institutions.
  • Students may benefit from numerous social, cultural and sports activities offered by clubs and facilities within the university.
  • EMU Health Sciences Faculty Center for Healthy Living provides numerous advantages through the anatomy lab, professional skill lab, anthropometry lab and body analysis and metabolism calculation tools.

Career Opportunities

As there is a growing demand for dialysis technicians both in the TRNC and the Republic of Turkey, graduates may pursue employment opportunities at the dialysis units of the state and private hospitals. They may also work at establishments operating under the ministry of health, social security hospitals, university hospitals or polyclinics.


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