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Accounting and Taxation Applications Technician Program (Turkish) (H.D.C.A.A., 3 Years)

Being the first and only program providing education on computer aided accounting in the TRNC since 1997, the program aims to bring up qualified intermediate workforce who possess theoretical and practical information in accounting, economics, work management and finance as well as a good command of English.

General Information

The Accounting and Taxation Applications Program (ACTA-Three Years) programme was established in 2004 under the School of Computing and Technology which aims to offer a third-year associate degree programme in order to educate students as further qualified accountants for the accounting sector. It is a kind of education in which theoretical studies and industrial training is interwoven. Therefore the programme is specialized so as to provide the students with further practical and comprehensive knowledge of all basic functions of accounting.

The program is stractured as a 2+1 model and those students who graduated from two year ACTA programs have chance to continue to one extra year to get a higher diploma in the same program.


FIBAA: Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation
Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation


The aim of the Accounting and Taxation Applications programme is to equip students with a strong foundation in the accounting field. The programme supplies dedicated graduates who are practically oriented, immediately useful, and capable of further personal development to the private and public sector. The programme, not only has been designed to provide a balanced education between the theoretical and practical concepts, but also emphasizes the importance of team working and implements team-based projects for this purpose.

The educational objectives of the ACTA programme are as follows to:

  • provide the best education by highly qualified academic staff
  • improve critical thinking skills
  • have close connection with the industry
  • apply theory into practice in the related field
  • provide the students with the most essential know-how skills in the accounting field.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes that are achieved during the course of study in the ACTA programme , each graduate of the programme will;

  • Gaining problem-solving skills in accounting and tax applications
  • Application of basic accounting concepts with upper level approaches according to effective methods and standards
  • Have the ability to prepare effective projects and benefit from low interest funds for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) credit programs
  • Ability to prepare and present a project
  • Ability to collect information and used the stored information
  • Ability to use Microsoft Word and Execl programs effetively and efficiently
  • Ability to use accounting software (Expert accounting software)
  • Ability to choose and analyze accounting-based problems in an institutional environment
  • Ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral form
  • Ability to take part effectively in planning and implementation of team-based projects
  • Have knowledge of discussion of the effects of accounting standard solutions in global, social and ethical terms
  • The habit of following the latest developments in accounting and tax applications


  • 12 multimedia classrooms/labs fully equipped with modern educational technologies.
  • Admission without an exam for the graduates of the TRNC commerce high schools,
  • Unconditional scholarship opportunities for the graduates of the TRNC commerce high schools,
  • Latest version software programs/case tools installed in all labs;
  • Opportunities for learning the accounting package programs through Sage English accounting and EXPERT Turkish accounting Package program,
  • A fully equipped lab devoted for graduation project studies,
  • Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor to guide him/her in the course selection process and to provide a link between the student and the department,
  • An International Student Advisor is available full time to assist international students in academic, social and cultural aspects
  • Internship opportunities at prominent and famous accounting offices.

Career Opportunities

Developments in the accounting profession require us to keep accounting related information in an electronic environment. Qualified professionals who possess the skills to carry out accounting processes in an electronic environment are in great demand in the professional arena.


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