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Department of Industrial Engineering

Our Mission

The Department of Industrial Engineering, which offers undergraduate and graduate level education at international quality and standards, aims to supply future engineers with:

  • The professional basic knowledge and skills
  • The skills of analysis, synthesis, design, and application
  • The ability to work in teams
  • The notions of learning to learn and life-long learning
  • The ability to use English language efficiently
  • Efficient usage of computer and computer technology
  • Self-confidence and quick decision making ability.



Vice Chair(s):
Assoc. Prof. Dr. ADHAM MAKKIE

Our departmental objective is to provide high quality education and to develop a high level of conscience in education and research through our MS and PhD programs. Graduate research topics have the potential to contribute to the education of our students and thus an original contribution to international scientific literature is attained.

In addition, our department has contributed to various national and international scientific activities and we aim to increase these in the future. Through activities like conferences, seminars, congresses, and through papers published in international refereed journals, not only our department and the university but also the TRNC have been promoted and this effort will continue.

Our department has been initiating projects that will contribute to the efficiency and efficacy of our university in various areas. One of these is the Double Major Program jointly developed with the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Departmental Facilities

Within the Industrial Engineering premises, there are laboratories for educational and research purposes, a student club which fosters professional and social development among students, a library, a reading room, seven classrooms, a multi-purpose auditorium equipped with sophisticated sound and light technology, and a seminar room with a wide selection of audiovisual presentation tools. All classrooms and offices have central heating and cooling.

We have various laboratories for education and research purposes. These are computer laboratories, equipped with the recent state-of-the-art technology, providing service to students 7 days a week, 14 hours a day; simulation and optimization laboratory, used mostly for graduate research; multimedia laboratory, used for the purpose of preparing files that contain multi-media communication tools and CDs, or for presentations that require sound and action; work study and ergonomics laboratory, mostly used for undergraduate courses, and computer integrated manufacturing laboratory, used for enabling students to comprehend and apply computer integrated manufacturing.



ESTIEM: European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management
Member Units: Industrial Engineering


Industrial EngineeringBachelor / B.S.4 Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering (with Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 2 Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering (without Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 1.5 Industrial Engineering
Industrial EngineeringPhD / Ph.D.3,5 - 5 Industrial Engineering
Management EngineeringBachelor / B.S.4 Industrial Engineering
Engineering Management (without Thesis)Master / M.S.1 - 1.5 Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Double MajorBachelor / B.S.4 Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering - Business Administration Double MajorBachelor / B.S.4 Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering - Industrial Engineering Double MajorBachelor / B.S.4 Mechanical Engineering

Distinguishing Attributes

The Industrial Engineering Department is known for the:

  • Experienced, dynamic, and research-oriented faculty members
  • Modern classrooms, equipment and laboratory facilities
  • Courses that are designed to meet the needs of the future Technological innovations
  • Opportunity to get a double major degree with Mechanical Engineering or Business Administration
  • Opportunity to participate in the academic and social activities organized within the department
  • Graduate programs leading to MS and PhD degrees Industrial Engineering
  • Undergraduate Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET (​).

Quality of Graduates

The value of our graduates is very well understood in every field of the manufacturing and service industries as well as construction, extraction and agricultural & husbandry sectors in the world. Our graduates easily find jobs in the global corporations located in North America, Europe, Middle East, Central and North Africa, Turkey, or in the TRNC. It is quite common for our students ending up having job offers during their internships. Our graduates have proven that they can add value to companies in almost every field due to their strong knowledge in engineering, application skills, ability of working in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams.

Our graduates are accepted into MS, MBA, and PhD programs of esteemed educational institutions such as Massachusset Institute of Technology (USA), University of Cambridge (UK), Politechnico di Milano (Italy), London School of Economics (UK), University of Twente (Netherlands), Norwegian Business School (Norway), Technical University of Berlin (Germany), University of Melbourne (Australia), University of Lisbon (Portugal), Northeastern University (USA), University of Hartford (USA), University of Louisiana (USA), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain), Linköpings Universitet (Sweden), Yonsei University (Korea), Middle East Technical University (Turkey), Bosphorus University (Turkey), and Istanbul Technical University (Turkey). The number of graduates pursuing an academic career is increasing and they work in respected universities in USA, UK, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and so on.

Career Opportunities

Industrial Engineers can work in all sectors of an economy, including manufacturing and service industries, construction, extraction and agricultural & husbandry sectors. Some of the possible employment areas include technology management, operations research, systems engineering, optimization, flexible manufacturing systems, planning and control of production and inventory systems, ergonomics, quality, computer applications, process control, multi-objective decision making, machine scheduling, performance evaluation, simulation, service sector, and administrative duties. In the information and technology age, industrial engineers are also expected to find many job opportunities in emerging areas such as knowledge management, innovation management, R&D management, technology management, change management, and supply chain management.

Microsoft UK, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Ford, Renault, Temsa, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Ernst&Young USA, Deloitte, Danone UK, Reckitt Benckiser UK, Google California, THY, Air France-KLM, AtlasJet, SunExpress Airlines, Arçelik, Roketsan, Henkel, Unilever, MAN Turkey, Shell, Petrol Ofisi, BP, Acıbadem Health Group, Medicana Health Group, İstanbul Eye Hospital, Türk Telekom, Turkcell, Vodafone, UPS, DHL, Ceva Logistics, BNP Paribas, Pepsico, TAV Construction, Limak Construction, Yapı Merkezi, Aksa Elektrik, Bosch-Siemens (BSH), Samsung, Dell, Philip Morris, Procter&Gamble, Eczacıbaşı, Mavi Jeans, LC Waikiki, United Nations (UN) are among the notable institutions that our graduates are currently holding managerial positions.


Department of Industrial Engineering
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